June 1, 2016

Fishing in the Highlands of Maine

Fishing in the Highlands of Maine

Fish Nerds Fishing Podcast

Dave and Clay were invited to visit the Maine Highlands! So they went and while they were there they stayed at the beautiful and rustic Wilson's on Mooshead Lake. The Wilson's took them fishing in the Kennebec River, where they caught dozens of brook trout and monster smallmouth bass!  After fishing it was dinner at the beautiful Kelly's Landing  restaurant. While there they got to hang out with local historian Liz from the Katahdin "Kate" Museum, Moosehead's Marine Museum and famous steam ship.  The next day the weather turned bad, so they spent some time making friends and checking out the local businesses.


The Highlands


From Maine’s highest peak, Mt. Katahdin to its largest lake, Moosehead, The Maine Highlands offers great outdoor adventures, historic and cultural experiences, many culinary delights and unexpected entertainment opportunities. Located in the center of Maine, there are more than 200 waterfalls, miles and miles of trails for hiking, ATVing, and some of the best snowmobiling trails anywhere. The last or first portion (depends on your perspective) of the Applachian Trail is in The Maine Highlands. Known as the "Hundred-Mile Wilderness", it is said there are more moose seen there than on any other part of the trail. If you are looking for less moose and more music, head to one of our many festivals, the Waterfront Concerts series in Bangor, enjoy shopping boutique or mall style, or try some of our culinary delights and craft beers. Whatever your adventure, The Maine Highlands is a must visit while exploring Maine.




Moosehead Marine Museum

Wilson's on Moosehead

Kelly's landing

Maine Guide Fly-Shop

Indian Hill Trading Post