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EdUp EdTech: The Start Up Experience

Most tech start-ups fail. And maybe this one will too. Or maybe it will it disrupt the way writing is taught in universities. There's only one way to find out. Tune in for a different kind of podcast for 2022.

Join Holly Owens, ABD and The EdUp EdTech Podcast for a special 12-part podcast series following the path of Eric as he sets out to revolutionize English departments.

Each month, Holly will host a conversation with Eric as he begins the long road to ed tech entrepreneurship, but they won't be alone!

Dr Lindy Ledohowski knows what it takes. She quit her job as a tenure track English professor and cofounded an academic writing start-up called EssayJack, which she led as its CEO for nearly 6 years. In July 2021, her company was acquired by Wize (another ed tech company), and she joined their leadership team.

As someone who's walked the path Eric's started, Lindy's perspectives will be invaluable for Eric, Holly, and The EdUp Experience audience. 


Episode 1 - That's a Mountain I Want to Climb