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Doing Business with A Servants Heart

Doing Business with A Servants Heart

My Podcast is all about serving. How do you serve your clients? Do you bring value? My guests are Top Business Leaders who will get you great resources and tips in my Podcast to help the audience grow their personal and professional life. Helping each other will help us all. I have some incredible stories you can listen to and help you succeed in so many ways!

Recent Episodes

March 1, 2024

From Broken to Brilliant: The "Mental MacGyver" Shares Her Story of Resilience

In the video, Dr. Robin Odegaard, the guest on the show "Doing Business with a Servant's Heart," shared her story of overcoming challenges and her advice for the audience. Robin grew up in a strict Christian family and was m…
Feb. 29, 2024

Travel the World Without Breaking the Bank: This Entrepreneur Shares Her Secrets

This episode of Doing Business with a Servant's Heart features Sabrina Morris, a lifestyle entrepreneur who helps people travel and unpack their bucket list. Sabrina is sharing her story and the wisdom she learned from her m…
Feb. 21, 2024

Lessons Learned: From Soldier to Successful Leader

John McGlothin, a Jag officer, is interviewed about his experience in the military and how it has shaped his life. John talks about his upbringing and how it instilled in him the importance of making his own decisions. He al…
Feb. 19, 2024

Untitled Episode

This episode is about franchising and how Lori Karpman helps people find the right franchise for them. Lori is a franchise consultant who helps people find franchises that fit their interests and goals. She also helps compan…
Feb. 15, 2024

Laughter is the Best Medicine: How Humor Can Improve Your Business Relationships

This episode is about two businessmen, Steve and Hersh, who discuss the importance of humor and building relationships in business. Here are the key points: Hersh believes that humor can be a great tool in business because i…
Feb. 12, 2024

7 Life-Changing Tips for Building a Successful Business

The speaker of the podcast, Jacqueline Hernandez, is a life coach and business development consultant who helps people overcome struggles and build successful businesses. She is passionate about helping others, and she offer…

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Mastering Servant Leadership: Cara Jean on Growth, Humility, and Impactful Leadership

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