June 28, 2022

81: The Crime Analyst | Ep 81 | The Murder of Gabby Petito, Part 6

81: The Crime Analyst | Ep 81 | The Murder of Gabby Petito, Part 6
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Laura has taken the decision to interrupt the Gabby Petito series to share her preliminary analyses and deconstruction of the confession letter written by Brian Laundrie, which was published on Friday 24th June.

The publication of Brian Laundrie’s notebook and so-called confession is huge. The timing of it being published and the contents are fascinating. The notebook was found in Brian’s drybag by his father, Christopher Laundrie, on October 20 2021. It was released to the media by Steve Bertolino on behalf of the Laundries on Friday, following a meeting with the FBI at the Tampa Field Office.

You won’t want to miss this. Listener discretion is advised. It is not an easy listen but it is an important episode.

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