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Three questions to ask after a layoff - Mentor Advice

No man really becomes a fool until he stops asking questions.
- Charles P. Steinmetz

When I met with my mentor yesterday, she had me answer 3 questions about the lay off situation. These questions really made me stop and think so I wanted to put them out there for you. Asking ourselves questions helps us process through the feelings.

But these questions aren’t just for those that were laid off. Maybe you are one of the people that got to stay, which is not always an easy place to be. Ask yourself these questions too. (Listen in to the podcast for more on survivor guilt.)

In recording the podcast, I decided to add a bonus question for points and cookies to help us start moving forward.
*Please note that points and cookies will not actually be awarded. 😉

3 Reflection Questions

1. What is the best thing that has comes from it so far?
2. What is the most shocking thing so far?
3. What is the worst thing so far?

Bonus: What is one thing you will take away from this experience and use in the next chapter.

I’d love to hear your answers so feel free to drop them comments.

Also, please share or repost this as so many are going through this right now.

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