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July 26, 2023

S4E8_Unlocking the Value of Learning and Development in Business_Part 2

S4E8_Unlocking the Value of Learning and Development in Business_Part 2

Hello Connect the Dots community!

Welcome back to our 3 Part series, titled "Unlocking the Value of Learning and Development in Business," previously we dove deep into the importance of individual and collective efforts in impacting learning and development within organizations. Heather shared her top 6 takeaways from the keynote panel discussion. Today we are diving into Part 2, where Heather highlights 5 more key takeaways from various sessions she attended while at TICE.

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In this episode, you will learn:

* In this episode, we recap five more takeaways from the Training Industry Conference and Expo 2023, including the important question of “Are we focused on the right people?”

* Takeaway #1 - It doesn’t matter if it’s fun. It matters if it’s relevant. This takeaway comes from the Learning as a Catalyst for Business growth session, put on by Litmos. Kyile Stair and Ryan Morris were the presenters and they walked us through an example of how learning can help business growth.  [10:28]

* Heather dives into what this statement means and as a leader what your primary focus truly needs to be. She asks us, Are you looking to make it fun first or are you truly looking at whether it is relevant or not? [11:49]

* Takeaway #2 - Are we focused on the right people? This takeaway comes from a session called, How Learning Fitness Lifts People and Employees Up and Sets A Course To Success, presented by Justin Dile from SkillCycle [7:26]

* We dive into what an ever learning mindset is and how this can help a larger number of employees opposed to the common path of just focusing on the high potential employees in our organizations. [5:02]

* Takeaway #3 - Tell them it’s OK if it’s not perfect. This takeaway again comes from the session called, How Learning Fitness Lifts People and Employees Up and Sets A Course To Success, presented by Justin Dile from SkillCycle [7:41]

* Heather dives into what Justin said about the need to continually assess, adjust, and change implementation strategies. When we need to adjust and change it means something wasn’t right or ‘perfect’, so the need to tell other’s it is OK if it’s not perfect needs to be communicated more. [7:26]

* Join in on a bonus takeaway from  Justin Dile’s session and participate in an activity lead by Heather. [8:28]

* Takeaway #4 - Design learning pathways in future state. This takeaway comes from a deep conversation with Brian from ACTIO Learning. He gave a presentation on Eight Proven Practices You Can Use To Create Personalized Learning Pathways. [15:01]

* Here we dive into the importance of designing from a future state opposed to a reactive state. What is your learner going to need in the future? What goals need to be set and accomplished in order to successfully predict what your client might need in the future. [16:16]

* Heather dives deep into what this looks like, how you can make simple changes when working in a predictive and future state and how changing your mindset will help. [17:35]

* Takeaway #5 - LEARNS: Links, Emotions, Attention, Reception, Novelty, Stories. This one comes from a session called Brain Friendly Learning: How To Use Neuroscience To Improve Training, led by Jackie Colbert from Syneos Health. [17:35]

* We dive into what each letter stands for and how LEARNS give you a guideline and roadmap that will improve the retention of knowledge from your trainings. [19:25]

* Heather wraps things up by sharing how leaders can use the concept of LEARNS when working with teams. [24:36]

Join us for this episode of Connect the Dots as we explore the critical role of unlocking the value of learning and development in business. Let's empower ourselves and others to make a lasting impact!

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