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Finding Work Life Harmony (Connect the Dots podcast)

Finding harmony between work and life is hard. This week we are navigating the workplace as we talk about work/life harmony. So what’s that all about. When people talk about work/life balance that brings up this image of the scales of justice. Balancing your time between the two is just not possible, you would be working 84 hours a week. that’s a hard pass for me. But when you can get into a cycle or flow between the two...that’s where you can find harmony.

Links Mentioned
Creative CEO Podcast: https://creativeceo.co/podcast/work-life-harmony
Maryville University Article: https://online.maryville.edu/blog/work-life-balance-vs-harmony/#:~:text=Work%2Dlife%20harmony%20involves%20incorporating,idea%20of%20work%2Dlife%20harmony.
HBR Article: https://hbr.org/2021/01/work-life-balance-is-a-cycle-not-an-achievement

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