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June 28, 2023

S4 E6: Creating Purposeful Connections in Virtual Environments w/Dave Stachowiak

S4 E6: Creating Purposeful Connections in Virtual Environments w/Dave Stachowiak

This episode is a really exciting one because we are welcoming in a guest that has made more of an impact on Heather’s journey than he probably knows or will ever know. Today we are talking to Dave Stachowiak (STA-HOE-VEE-AAK) the host and founder of Coaching for Leaders, a top-rated management podcast downloaded 30 million times. Coaching for Leaders is #1 search result for management on Apple Podcasts in the United States. With more than 15 years of leadership at Dale Carnegie and a thriving, global leadership academy, Dave helps leaders discover practical wisdom, build meaningful relationships, and create movement for genuine results. Dave and Heather go back

Dave is the founder of the Coaching for Leaders Academy, an exclusive, intensive leadership development cohort. An intimate group of participant leaders work personally with him to develop leadership excellence — and empower each other. His credentials include a doctoral degree in organizational leadership from Pepperdine University, several international business leadership awards from Dale Carnegie, and graduation from Coach U.

Like most people, he’s never had it all figured out. He's been passed up for promotions, failed at launching his first business, and still fights through an occasional fear of speaking to people.

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In this episode, you will learn:

* How and when Dave and Heather first met over 10 years ago. [3:38]

* How the Coaching for Leaders Academy taught Dave something that he never anticipated happening and how it was then the Coaching for Leaders podcast took off. [6:59]

* How a frustrating moment in Dave’s car started his desire to start his own podcast. [9:08]

* Daves time at Dale Carnegie and where he thought his career was going was the second and final piece that truly motivated him to start Coaching for Leaders [9:08]

* As a busy husband and new dad with a full time job at Dale Carnegie and teaching part time in the evenings Dave only had 2 hours a week to work on his podcast. He shares how this was actually a benefit to him and how it helped him not spiral into his perfectionist tendencies. [14:38]

* Dave shares how learning how to simply start and try has changed his entire mindset on how he had always done things previously and is now what he intentionally leans into it as a leader. [21:25]

* Dave and Heather talk about Dave’s personal journey on how as a new leader what you can do to get your message out in the beginning and connect with your audience. His 3 point strategy in the beginning was to 1) Air his show every week 2) Is the audio quality good? 3) Is it useful to people? These 3 points are still true in his business today and why they should be in yours too. [21:25]

* Dave shares how and why he wrote the article, How to Respond When People Are Talking Too Much, for his Coaching for Leadership Plus. [27:42]

* Dave and Heather share past experiences, tips, examples and advise on how to keep your virtual meetings on task when you have someone who just keeps talking. Dave dives into how when you always come back to the purpose of the meeting it will make it easier to keep everyone on track as the facilitator. [33:07]

* Dave shares how and why some meetings should simply be just for connecting, especially now in the virtual space. He shares a past experience back when he was working at Dale Carnegie and how this affected him and how he uses this strategy now. [37:22]

* As Dave and Heather wrap up their conversation they both share their takeaways from what they shared with each other today.

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