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Sept. 2, 2022

S3E17: Wine with Me: Talking Student Loan Forgiveness

Disclaimer: This video/podcast contains explicit language and covers topics that might cause you to use explicit language too. I might hurt some feelings and make folks mad. These are my own thoughts and opinions and do not reflect the views of my employer/previous employers. I am not a financial advisor, certified coach, or medical professional. Just wanted to make sure you knew these things upfront today.

Now to the show...

Today I’m drinking wine and talking through student loan forgiveness. I lay out the basics of what student loans are, the different types of loans, the calculators, etc etc. Then I talk through my journey. Then we cover the Student Loan Forgiveness information that was released on August 24, 2022. I go through some articles and finally...I review some of the posts that made me...fiesty.

This is a 2.5 hour episode so grab your beverage of choice and chill or listen while you the chores you hate. I’m happy to keep you company either way.

Laughter, Love, and Blessings,

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Source Links 

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Interest Capitalization

Loan Interest Calculator 

Student Loan Calculator

Student Loan Relief Plan

Stalling Dreams

More Targeted Approach

NPR - Examining 3 arguments

30 of the Best Reactions to Biden Canceling Student Loan Debt


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