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My New Favorite Podcast
This podcast is so good, I wish it was possible to give more than 5 stars. Over the last week, I’ve been binge listening to all the episodes. The hosts do an amazing job of discussing an incredibly difficult and sensitive topic with empathy, compassion and a healthy dose of fun. Their guests are good mix of informative and inspirational. I have learned so much! It’s hard to say which episode I like best because they are all fantastic. CMT4ME is a fantastic resource for anyone dealing with this disease, there friends or family. Thank you Chris and Liz-O for doing so much to raise awareness and unite the CMT community.

My New Favorite Podcast
I wish it was possible to give more than 5 stars. Since discovering this podcast, I’ve been binge listening to all the episodes. Chris and Liz-O do an amazing job of discussing an incredibly difficult topic with warmth, compassion and a healthy dose of humor. Their guests are informative and inspirational. I honestly can’t say which episode I like best because they are all fantastic. CMT4ME a great resource for anyone dealing with this disease, their friends and family.

Validated so much of my life. I am so grateful.
I am 29 and was just diagnosed with CMT after looking for answers for YEARS! Every episode has me in tears. I meet with Dr. Shy in March and am so excited to get more information, in the mean time, I found your podcast and I am so, so grateful that I did. I always knew I was different; my entire life I could always tell there was something more than just being “clumsy” or “dainty”. Hearing episodes about other people’s experiences and struggles through life and how similar they have been to mine has really brought me into the path of acceptance of myself, and my diagnosis. I can’t wait to listen to more!

So thrilled to find this Podcast.

Informative and Uplifting
Love this podcast- it is hard to find a resource for CMT that is both informative and uplifting. I’m learning quite a bit and most importantly to me, I’m feeling a lot less alone and more understood as a CMT patient:)

Love this show
SO fun to listen to on the way to work and really uplifting. Bri

Wow! Such a great listen!
The episode on being happy despite chronic illness was so inspiring.

CMT with heart and soul
I love the specificity of this podcast and how it's helping people suffering from CMT. I don't know any other podcast addressing this issue even though it affects millions of people!

Great podcast!
Informative and great podcast! Chris and Liz O are so heartwarming to listen to. Thank you for bringing more awareness to CMT!

Love learning more about this.
The hosts really invite you in to learn something new, for most of us anyway. Thank you for the education and for bringing all of this to light!

So Valuable!
This podcast is so valuable and is a great listen for those who can relate or just want to learn while also being entertained.

Amazing podcast. I’m so glad that I discovered it. looking forward to hearing all of these amazing episodes.

Heartwarming and humorous
CMT4Me is heartwarming and humorous! The stories from community members are inspiring. Thank you for putting a spotlight on this disease and the incredible community members who volunteer their time and talents to further the mission of the CMTA.

Fantastic Podcast
Chris and Elizabeth are a terrific duo. This podcast is both informative and fun. I have enjoyed listening to the different voices in the CMT community. Chris and LizO, thank you for using your voices to make a difference for the CMT community.

Love it!
This podcast has made me feel less alone with CMT. Every episode I hear something I relate to no matter the persons background. The hosts, Chris and Liz O are so fun and down to earth and make you feel as if you’re just sitting in their living room chatting with your people. We’re going to work on Chris’s Forrest Gump impression though 🤪

Personal Insight at it’s Best
What a wonderful and engaging way to show honest insight into the lives of this vibrant loving community. Very conversational, yet so informative. These PodCasts are such a vital and emotional vehicle in bringing the tears, joys and hopes to so many. This is just another of many examples of how the CMTA enriches the lives of those living with CMT in so many ways.

The Good Stuff!
Finally there’s a podcast design specifically for the cmta community. Spoken from the people to the people. This podcast inspires and renews my faith in community and in the strength that could be found in weakness!

Spot on!!!
This is my kind of podcast: humorous, engaging, fun, heartfelt. Thank you to this awesome duo for shining a light on CMT in a meaningful way!! More, more, more!!!

Very inspiring podcast!
I have really enjoyed listening to and am thankful for this podcast! We found out this past year that my sister has CMT. She has had two surgeries this past year. We think my dad had it and it is likely I have it (I am being tested this month). While researching CMT, I found the CMTA website and that is how I found this podcast. I love Chris and LizO and have enjoyed listening to all of their guests. I have shed tears as listening to inspiring stories. Thank you Chris and LizO for this inspiring podcast!

CMTA and CMT4ME nailed it!
This has been a wonderful podcast to listen to after stumbling upon it…no pun intended. Chris and Lizzo do an awesome job interviewing the guests. After each episode, I want to reach out and thank Chris and Lizzo for the insight and let them know it has been great to binge this and how it has helped me to change my thoughts of negativity to more positive outlook on my CMT focusing on the here and now versus the future and all of its unknown. The panel of guests have all been great! TonyD

CMTA CMT 4 Me is an awesome podcast, so informative and encouraging!! ❤️😁
CMTA CMT 4 Me !! Y’all are awesome, so informative and encouraging!! ❤️😁 If you do get to travel, please come see me in north Alabama. I’ll take you on the greenways, hiking trails, coffee trails, restaurants, Big Spring Park downtown and more. You can even visit the Space and Rocket Center. Happy Trails!!! Julie Barnett

CMTA CMT 4 Me is an awesome podcast, so informative and encouraging!! ❤️😁
CMTA CMT 4 Me is an awesome podcast, so informative and encouraging!! ❤️😁

CMT Community Rejoice!
It has been amazing to see the Charcot Marie Tooth Association continually rolling out fantastic resources to stay connected and be in the know. Finally a podcast has been added to that arsenal of tools! Thank you Liz and Chris for stepping up and taking this on! The CMT community owes you a debt of gratitude and a standing ovation! 👏🏻🙌🏻

Energizing show on CMT
Chris and Liz cover CMT with informative purpose and unique sense of humor and dynamism. They bring hope to those with CMT. Well done!