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Eye opening, helpful
I really learned a great deal about the importance of going green on health. There's a lot of helpful info that shared on the show. Regan is a pretty solid host and she has equally great guests.

Easy steps to clean up your life
Living more purposefully and with greater focus on avoiding toxins can be overwhelming but Regan always shares the best information, guests and ways to change your life for the better! Thank you!

Thank you. You give us all hope!

great podcast!
Smart guests and a smart host = interesting episodes that feed your brain fresh perspectives!

A favorite!
This Or Something Better has quickly become a favorite in my feed! I'm consistently impressed by the engaging conversations, insightful content, and actionable ideas. I truly learn something every time I listen!

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!
All of Regan’s guests are truly incredible. Each episode leaves me more informed about the world we live in and the decisions that we make every single day. Through listening to Regan and her guests, I have already made some small life changes that hopefully will help my family live happier and longer lives. Regan ends each episode with a Maya Angelou quote, “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” And Regan is giving her listeners the tools that they need to do better each and every day. Thank you, Regan!

Thank you. You give us all hope!

Informative, relevant and engaging
I’ll be putting what I learned after listening to This or Something Better into practice ASAP.

Thought provoking
Every episode that I have listens to has been interesting, inspiring, and thought provoking. Regan asks all the right questions and has the most amazing guests! Thank you bringing us such knowledge in today’s world!

Fantastic interview!
I loved listening to Holly share her experiences so openly. We could all use less time on social media!

Thank you for having her as a guest. She was fabulous and digestible to those of us who do not have a medical or clinical background.

Love this podcast. Small steps lead to big changes, loved this conversation about what it’s like to be a Planetarian. Side note, have always wanted to go to Rancho la Puerto!

So many great takeaways from this episode!

This or Something Better is well done, focused, informative and inspiring! Thanks Regan. You ask thoughtful and interesting questions. Your guest Lyndsay from POW was terrific. Your conversation not only provided information but easy action items! Thanks!!!

Regan does an excellent job with this podcast. She asks good interview questions and makes sure to personalize each episode. This inspires you to either make a change in your life, or gives you tools to continue on your journey to change the world for the better.

A fresh approach
This is a great podcast! I was honored to be an early guest and have been uplifted and inspired by everyone’s stories. And, do we ever need stories of hope these days. Looking forward to Season Two. Thanks, Regan.

✨Nourishing and Elevating!✨
Congratulations, Regan! Season 1 was sensational, a welcomed weekly diversion from news and social media. My Tuesday mornings always began with you! I appreciate you spotlighting positive changemakers and curating content that is meaningful, motivational, and useful, steeped in nuggets of wisdom. Thank you for sharing expert knowledge and creating this platform of awareness and goodness!

Informational and Inspiring
Informational and inspiring. Regan provides content that makes you think and reflect.

Interesting content
Love this podcast! Every time I listen to Regan’s podcasts I walk away thinking about what I learned- and am so grateful for the knowledge. I feel as if I am in the conversation- as Regan can intuitively know the next question that needs answering! A must listen to- it is positive, inspirational, and makes you want to share the content.

Taking a leap
I have loved listening to this podcast! Thank you for taking the leap of faith, Regan!!

Power of Positivity
Courageous and positive guest a time when we need it most!

Well done!
I’ve enjoyed this podcast. Educational and uplifting.

All good
I’m excited to see who Regan interviews next.

Worth the listen!
Such an inspirational podcast! Looking forward the the next episode!

These podcasts have been a welcome addition to my weekly routine. The guests present a wide variety of professions, backgrounds and perspectives.

A weekly moment of positivity to inspire your life.
Love this podcast for the incredible lineup of guests and interviews that infuse energy and inspiration to a sometimes hopeless feeling world.

Inspiring, interesting, full of knowledge and beaming with potential. I can’t wait to see what is next to come on this podcast!

This IS something better
I love these podcasts. Great topics so far and I can’t wait for more. I can tell they will be exactly what I need to hear. Thanks Regan for taking this leap.

Insightful and actionable!
I appreciate how engaging Regan and her guests are! The episodes are thought provoking and eye opening. I’m seeing health, confidence, race and more from a different perspective. The content is so actionable that I’ve already put some of it into practice and quickly noticed a positive shift. Excited for more!

Excellent Listen
I love the diversity of guests Regan brings into this podcast and the thoughtful questions she presents. Definitely worth a listen!