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Wow phenomenal!
The speakers on this podcast are excellent. Real personal stories about military members that give insight to life in the academy and their challenges. Really detailed accounts of training and life inside the military. Detailed and intriguing from beginning to end. Looking forward to more.

Brother in Blue
Love the perspective from a fellow Black American. His down-to-earth outlook on the way he sees our country tells the American story many citizens of color are afraid to tell (and captures the sentiment that many white Americans are afraid to say out loud). Keep up the good work and keep our message at the forefront.

changing the narrative
my second review! love the black history month series! loving the punched up version of an already solid podcast and the new guests are great!

Changing the Narrative
I’ve enjoy listening to the Narratives so far this week of the speakers and people you have chosen. My favorite so far has been about the school in Atlanta and how successful it has been without the help of the government. The success of each student and how the Bible studies is incorporated into their lives. Jeremiah 29:11 - wow. Excellent.

Thank you!
Wow Cecil thanks for this review of the letter from the superintendent of USAFA. The letter said nothing and was a little scary in the intent because it said nothing. I would say that the guy has something to hide and is hiding it behind a bunch of words that don’t say anything And it’s good to see that someone is going to call him out on it. So happy to see a fellow classmate take this on!

Changing the Narrative
Issues discussed have been a challenge to hear- but need to be addressed because if we continue to hide or ignore them we will not heal. So I do appreciate that Mr. Grant’s willingness to open or eyes to these issues. Continued success with bringing the difficult issues to the forefront so we can make a difference. June 18, 2021 My brother did an interview with me. It was emotional listening to it - but it to was inspiring to hear how far and all that I’ve accomplished in the years. Thank you so much.

Making a difference
Cecil has done an amazing job of setting the record straight by illuminating the hypocrisy of the main stream media and it’s never ending attack on conservatism. Through calling out the one sided bias of the left’s agenda, he sheds a common sense approach to every day issues that help restore one’s faith in the truth.

changing the narrative
Cecil does an amazing job of tackling issues , stereotypes and mindsets.He challenges the narrative around many commonly accepted notions,Illuminating the fact that if we can change our minds we can change the world