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March 23, 2022

Open Your Eyes!

Something I heard on the radio clicked with some of my thoughts about what we pay attention to and why. The government-controlled media produces the news they do not report the news. Everyone’s eyes are on the latest shiny new object which is the war in Ukraine. This is a place most people never heard of until it became a place connected with Hunter Biden. Even then they didn’t know where it was and didn’t really care. Now that it described as a “small country being attacked by a bigger country”, everyone is fawning over it. Farcebook adds the Ukraine flag to their platform and so do we, even if it’s posted upside down. We marvel as they fight for freedom. We donate money, sponsor families, and quit jobs to go join the freedom fighter, yet we poop on any American who would dare fight for their constitutional freedoms here in America. But for autocorrect, many folks can’t spell Ukraine and many still don’t know where it’s at on a map.


We applaud the celebrities who tell us they support the fight for freedom in Ukraine. We worship at their alter as we read about their trashy lives in magazines at the checkout counter in the grocery store. We post about the high price of gas, inflation, empty store shelves and more. We contemplate buying an electric vehicle because a celebrity says we should, and by the way, it’s only $55,000, so what’s the problem. The monthly payments are cheaper than $5.00 per gallon gas.  We pat ourselves on the back because we are sticking it to the oil companies, as our government begs for oil from our enemies. We applaud the effort to be net zero emission by 2050, yet don’t discuss when we will see the genesis of solar powered airplanes, cargo ships and trains.


Meanwhile, back at the ranch, our southern boarders are wide open to drug dealers, and human traffickers, I mean people just looking for a better life. Crime is increasing in major and minor cities.


Our education system and what is taught to our children and grandchildren is being hijacked by radicals. Just like that, the pandemic is over and Fauci and BLM have exited, stage left.

Black man shot by white cop is no longer a thing, until election time rolls around.  


We applaud a man beating women in any type of competition and select a man as “Woman of the Year” because that makes sense; then we bitch about women’s rights and equality for women.


Is anyone concerned about crime in America to the extent they are concerned about the people in Ukraine? Are we sponsoring families who have lost loved ones to crime in the US? How involved are you in the education of your children and grandchildren? Some will view this as a conservative rant, but the conservative news outlets are as guilt as the liberal media. Their goal, intentionally or not, is to keep the American people divided, and to keep our eyes off the disaster this current administration is creating in America.


The disaster in Ukraine has implications that go deeper than what the media shares. There is more to this than trying to gin up sympathy for displaced families and make a hero out of their president. In my opinion, if Russia can squash the unexpected fight they are getting from Ukraine, I think Putin’s desires to continue into Poland and beyond are not far-fetched. China is watching and waiting to make their move. Then we are going to be in a world of crap because as our military leaders focus on equity and diversity, we will once again demonstrate, we are not ready for any kind of war.  


These are my opinions. I suggest you look outside the box, gather your news from a variety of sources and create you own opinion free from the influence of the government-controlled media and social media. The time is now, more than ever for Americans to start thinking for themselves and stop relying on and catering to the “produced news” served to us every day. Open your eyes citizens, before those in power shut them for good.