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Feb. 7, 2022

Morning Thoughts: by Angie Card

I am tired of people blaming the unvaccinated for why the economy has not picked up, blame the crappy Administration that is holding Americans hostage because of the recommendations of somebody who allegedly puts parasites on the faces of dogs for research purposes.
This is Fauci's pandemic. and his recommendations has kept us economically stagnant along with tyranny and power tripping from elected officials, not unvaccinated people. I wish people would stop biting the bait and look at things logically. There are so many unqualified people leading the charge of economic recovery, doing nothing but playing the blame game on the people.
Collective decision-making concerning one's health is worse than collective thinking on nonsense.
And people want to be quick to discredit somebody (me) because they don't have some specialized degree or designation. Excuse me, common sense and intelligence is priceless, that means people like me go through the School of Hard Knocks and understand what it is and can decipher the patterns that lead us to our conclusions. Most people have lost that skill. They need the deceptive mainstream media directing their thoughts instead of looking at life and situations with a broader scope. That's the problem with the world today. People are being straight up manipulated because they are straight up ignorant and oblivious by choice.
As Abraham Maslow put it, highly actualized people "have sort of a supreme court of judgment in their mind that many do not have." We are able to see the patterns. The patterns are undeniable to me. In the age of information ignorance is a choice.