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C’est La Me

Welcome to C’est La Me, a podcast on love, life, and authenticity, told with a touch of sarcasm! Get ready as we discuss all aspects of life, from failure to success and everything in between, all from a personal perspective.✨ Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/cu2019est-la-me/support

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fearless (taylor’s version) album review

April 9, 2021

Today I’m reviewing Taylor Swift’s Fearless (Taylor’s Version) album! I’ve been looking forward to …

storytime: romance, murders and sweet revenge

April 7, 2021

Hey, y'all! I have a great storytime episode for you today! Thank you to everyone who sent in their…

less glow ups, more grow ups

March 31, 2021

Hey, y'all! Today we're talking all about "glow ups" and self-care and how they relate to emotional…

question time (feat. my sister sophia!)

March 24, 2021

Today I have a very special guest: my sister Sophia! In this episode, we answer a bunch of question…

it's them, not you

March 17, 2021

Sometimes people are jerks for no reason and today we're going to talk about that. Check out the Sk…

there's so much to look forward to

March 10, 2021

Hey, y'all! I've been feeling super optimistic recently, so I thought I'd share the things I'm look…

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The blog post about my new merch designs and a C'est La Me podcast merch photoshoot

C'est La Me Merch Sale!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hey, y'all! I'm just popping in to let you know that in addition to a new episode, all C'est La Me merch will be on sale f…