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Sept. 28, 2022

Carolina Catholic News 9/28/22

Carolina Catholic News 9/28/22
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Founder Reflections

Praise be Jesus Christ!  Now and forever!

Each week seems to grow in the amount of infomation, education and inspiration we need to share with you as a CAROLINA CATHOLIC Community.That's a a good place to begin. 

I thoroughly enjoy listening and watching the encores of our many local programs. I learn so much more when repeated. Over the weekend during an encore of our Catholic Night Baseball Broadcast, Jason Murphy interviewed Msgr. Patrick Winslow. 

As the interview concluded, Msgr. Winslow said: “…we have a great Catholic family in western North Carolina and Carolina Catholic Radio is able to keep us all connected a little bit more."

That quote stopped me in my tracks.  Why?  Because since the Holy Spirit led me on this journey back at the 2015 Catholic Men's Conference, the mission and vision for this apostolate has been to bring half a million Catholics in western North Carolina and Upstate South Carolina closer together.  By the Grace of God we are still here and so are you.  With your support we hope and pray to leave a gift for our children and grandchildren to keep them strong in their faith from their "domestic church" to the "public square".

Be not afraid.  This is a time for courage.  The winds are changing.  Together we can accomplish much for God's Greater Glory!  What role are you being called to play?

Yours in Christ,

David M. Papandrea, OFS
PH/TX: 704.880.0260

Saint Michael- Meet the Angel and Mother Theresa- No Greater Love
Movies out Thursday and Monday/Tuesday at theaters near you!

Our Community

St. Mark hosts their annual Septemberfest 2022- with a light show finale!
Elza Spaedy kicks off her second book launch- Healed and Restored

Weekly Programming

Spotlight Program

  • From the Rooftop - Now every day at 3:30p between the Divine Mercy and Clergy Corner
  • Joyful Echo- Did you know that Kathleen’s eldest daughter is a Dominican Sister? While she was on a “home visit,” Sister Marie Jeannette sat down with Jean and Kathleen to talk about her discernment with the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist. How does a young woman in today’s world discern a religious vocation?  Watch here!
  • NEW PROGRAM!  The SENSUS FIDELIUM HOUR with Steve Cunningham, Tuesdays 5pm.  Watch Episode 1 Here!
  • The CATHOLIC MAN CAVE - Every Saturday Noon - 7pm
  • Special LIFE CHAIN Broadcast this Sunday 1-3pm
  • Healed and Restored: Elza Spaedy releases her second book to help others who have experienced trauma... “Healed and Restored: A Journey Through Trauma, Resilience and Transformative Healing,” aims to help men and women in search of healing from a variety of deep emotional wounds... buy one here!  Listen to the Broadcast of the Book Release here!

Upcoming Events



  • St. Francis Novena

  • Are you inspired by the charism of St. Francis?  Interested in becoming a Secular Franciscan?  Come join the St. Maximilian Kolbe Fraternity of Charlotte this Saturday 12:30pm at St. Thomas Aquinas Parish for the "Transitus Ceremony of St. Francis of Assisi".  
  • Cafe Fatima
    • Cafe Fatima was started as a parish mission to creatively call people to hear Our Lady of Fatima's request to pray the Rosary daily for the conversion of poor sinners. The mission is named Cafe Fatima because it is a call to pray your Rosary with your daily cup of coffee. If you feel inspired, please reach out to (704) 337-7296