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June 17, 2022

Carolina Catholic News 6/17/22

The 36 hour Carolina Catholic Sacred Heart Share-A-Thon is coming next Wednesday through Friday from 6am to 6pm.

There’s still time for you to Share the Good News from your parish, school, ministry or organization. 
There's still time for you to sponsor a segment for your business.

You’ll reach thousands across the Carolinas through the 7 media platforms of Carolina Catholic. In a media world filled with lies, deception and ommissions, Carolina Catholic is the Voice where you can hear the Truth of Jesus Christ and God's Eternal Word.

Carolina Catholic is a leader in local programming with nearly 900 episodes in our podcast library from local show hosts! You’ll find a variety of important topics to live a more purpose driven, intentionally Catholic Life.

In order to keep your local Carolina Catholic Media Apostolate evangelizing and saving souls to grow the Body of Christ, we need your finacial support.  Please prayerfully consider making a one time donation or monthly pledge today at!

In the Peace, Love and Light of Christ,


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Our Community

                       IHM and St. Leo kids enjoy Totus Tuus summer camps!
St. James church had over 70 confirmations  St. Patricks hosted the Diocesan Synod

Weekly Programming

Spotlight Program

  • Healed and Restored with Elza Spaedy will focus on helping our brothers and sisters in Christ understand that full healing is possible and available to all God’s children. We will show our listeners how a return to physical, spiritual and emotional healing is possible. Healing will come through charity, forgiveness, trust, and most importantly, through a dedication to Christ. This show will be committed to affecting and transforming lives one heart at a time.

    Look forward to having you join us every Sunday for a new episode at 5 pm.