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Dec. 19, 2021

Carolina Catholic News 12/19/2021

Letter from the Chairman

Hello Carolina Catholic Family.

Welcome to the final days of Advent preparation and anticipation for the birth of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!  Our Catholic Faith is such a beautiful gift.  May we share this gift so others see the beauty of each season both Advent and Christmas.  Let it show that we are not defined by the materialistic pursuits and rules of the secular culture but rather by the Truth of our Faith, Jesus Christ, the Word Made Flesh and His Liturgical Calendar.

In this week’s newsletter you will find we have added links for easy access to our top three PROJECT 22 commitments:  the Golden Anniversary, the Synod, and the Eucharistic Congress.  We have volunteer committees working in each of these areas.  You are welcome to join us.

With all the amazing projects we’re undertaking, I will share our PROJECT 22 FOCUS with you every week to keep you updated and encourage your input and prayers.


*Diocese of Charlotte’s Golden Anniversary – Promote events including on location Livestream

*Synod Diocesan Discernment – Promote the purpose and the commitment required from the laity

*Eucharistic Congress – Promote the new summer dates and livestream events where applicable

*K-12 Media Initiative: Target media programs and field trips for 4th, 7th , 10th grades

*Belmont Abbey Initiative: Extra-curricular Student Media Club, Accredited Student Media Internships

*Vocations Communications Initiative: Intentional religious and secular vocation awareness including coverage of discernment opportunities for all ages

*Homes of Discernment Radio Program: Featuring parents of students pursuing religious life

*The Fifth Year Initiative: Targeting non-committed students interested in religious vocations

*Home School Radio Program: A support program for home school parents

*Teen Life Radio Program: Looking for hosts from our parishes to lead roundtable discussions

*Young Adult Radio Program: Looking for hosts to lead discussions on how to have a proactive parish life

*Women’s Health Radio Program: Host to be announced soon

*Pro-Life Radio Program: With the Mississippi decision pending and the potential Repeal of Roe, there's a great opportunity to promote PRO-LIFE in a whole new environment

*Charleston Diocese Radio Program: More information in the weeks ahead

*Carolina Catholic Business Directory: A tool to promote our local Catholic owned and managed businesses. This directory will be sorted by business category. When you need a product or service, look first to buy from a fellow Catholic!   

In closing, as you make your year-end giving decisions, please keep Carolina Catholic Media in prayerful consideration as we attempt to cover the costs of everything I’ve shared with you in PROJECT 22. Together we can make an amazing impact as we Evangelize the Truth of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church across the Carolinas! Thank you and may God Bless you abundantly!

Peace and all good.

David M. Papandrea, OFS 

Carolina Catholic Media Network 


PH/TX 704.880.0260

Spotlight Program

  • In a world where the voice of the Christ Child can barely be heard, let this Christmas be one of the true Peace and Joy with Him as your focus.  Like the silent and faithful beasts of the stable in Bethlehem who obediently waited quietly for the birth of The Savior, let us too wait with solemn faith and hope with eyes fixed on the Holy Family in joyful anticipation.   On behalf of The Obligation Radio Show and the Carolina Catholic Media Network, a Blessed Christmas Season to all!
Jason C. Murphy

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