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Nov. 18, 2022

Carolina Catholic News 11/18/2022

Carolina Catholic News 11/18/2022

Founder Reflections

Hello, Carolina Catholic Family.  

Where do you go to find a local media companion that shares the Truth of JESUS CHRIST and the authentic teachings of the Catholic Church?  Before 2019, there was no local media voice for Catholic Christians.  Since 2019 there has been Carolina Catholic Radio and the Carolina Catholic Media Network.  Many local Carolina Catholics have experienced this terrific media addition to their daily life.

By the grace of God, our apostolate has survived a pandemic, even with minimal financial support.  At the same time, we were expanding program platforms to meet the needs of a culture requiring “On-Demand” access of media it wants to consume.  After exhausting nearly all tangible resources, we are now completely dependent on your generosity to continue our unique services.  

With the new year fast approaching, we are reaching out to all members of the Carolina Catholic Community to Catch the Spirit and come together to help support this relatively new and important Apostolate of Evangelization.

Whether you’ve been with us these past 4 years or just finding us now, we need your time, talent and treasure to keep us going and growing in the year ahead.

The theme for our 2023 pledge drive is “Circle of Friends”.  Our “Circles of Friends” (below) cover a vast number of Carolina Catholics who have recorded programs and specials with parishes, schools and ministries featured on Carolina Catholic Media over the past 4 years.  

“Circle of Friends” 2019-2022
Participants in building the Carolina Catholic Media Apostolate

2019 Music Night at the Abbey:featuring Marie Bellet, Tom Savoy and the Carolina Catholic Chorale, SJCS Seminarians, St. Michael Youth Choir, D3 Foundation Singers
Abounding Joy Ministry w Carolyn Klika (St. Matthew, Charlotte) - 34 episodes
Accountable Catholic w Lisa Feeley (St. Michael, Gastonia) l- 32 episodes
All Saints Catholic Church, Lake Wylie – Carolina Catholic Sunday / Share-A-Thon Sponsor
Belmont Abbey College – Live Broadcast
Belmont Abbey Today – Dr. Joseph Wysocki (12/22)
Biblical Insights with Dr. Bill Casey (Holy Family, Clemmons) – 42 episodes
Carolina Catholic Eucharistic Conference 2020 / 12 Hour Livestream event @ St.Joseph College Seminary
Carolina Catholic Grandparents Club (2023)
Carolina Catholic Movie Nights: Unplanned / Faustina – Love and Mercy 
Cathedral of St. Patrick, Charlotte - Carolina Catholic Sunday
Catholic Conference Center, Hickory
Catholic Home School Series w Elizabeth Hadi (St. Thomas Aquinas)
Catholic Men's Conference of the Carolinas - Jason Murphy
Catholic Night (Charlotte Diocese) at Charlotte Knights Baseball Live Broadcast 9/9: 6-7p
Catholic Vote
CCDOC Human Trafficking Awareness Campaign - Kara Griffin
Charlotte March for Life - Live Broadcast
Clergy Corner / Homily of the Day (4pm Daily) - 421 episodes
Consecration to St. Joseph w Fr. Don Calloway 
C-Plan (Carolina Pro Life Action Network)
Cursillo of Charlotte
D3 Foundation Singers – Doug Abell Sr., Founder
Daily Mass from St. Mark, Huntersville
Diocese of Charlotte Catholic Schools (Ongoing Specials) - Dr. Greg Monroe, Superintendent
Divine Mercy Chaplet Song - Performed by the SJCS Seminarians, Directed by Tom Savoy
Faith and Sport w Dr. John Acquaviva - 63 episodes
Fr. Kurt Fohn - His Life and Legacy 
Franciscan Workshop / Fr. Peter Tremblay, Elon University Chaplain
Fraternus and Fidelis, St. Mark, Huntersville 
From the Rooftop w Msgr. Patrick Winslow and Fr. Matthew Kauth - Daily 3:30pm
Hard As Nails Youth Ministry w Justin Fatica
Healed and Restored w Elza Spaedy (St. Mark, Huntersville) - 41 episodes
Holistic Ministry - Mind, Body, Spirit 
Holy Heroes
Hopeful Hearts Ministry
Jonathan Fanning Consulting
Joyful Echo w Jean Whelan and Kathleen Lewis - 88 episodes
Keeping Catholic Real w Pepper Martin (St. Mark Huntersville) - 20 episodes
Knights of Columbus - NC
Knights of Columbus Lake Wylie SC
Knights of Malta – Virtual Conference 2019, December ‘22 Showcase
Know Your School Board - Bill Fountain 5 part Interview 10/15-11/7
Lay Dominicans – Come and See Campaign
Less than a Minute to Go w Dr. Bill Thierfelder
Lifechain Rosary Hour / Respect Life Sunday 10/22
Mary Days - 8 Part Series from St. Thomas Aquinas Parish
Mary's Cenacle Prayer Group at St.Therese
Mary’s Women of Joy
Melissa Gissy Witherspoon (Holy Family, Clemmons) - Author of "I'm Sober... So Now What?"
Messiah Series w Rick Rotondi
Militia of the Immaculata / - Megan Blum and Elizabeth Harris 
NC Right to Life
One Minute Monk series w Abbot Placid Solari
Order of Secular Franciscans – St. Maximilian Kolbe Fraternity, Charlotte
Prescription: Life w Dr. Matthew Harrison (11/22)
Priests for Life - Fr. Frank Pavone
Retrouvaille Special - Now in Charlotte Diocese
Sensus Fidelium w Steve Cunningham
Silent No More - Right to Life
Spotlight with Gail Buckley Barringer, The Bible Lady - 21 episodes
St. Ann Carnival & Raffle
St. Dorothy Catholic Church / Carolina Catholic Sunday
St. Francis Springs Retreat Center
St. Gabriel Men's Club / Oyster Roast 2022
St. John Neumann Catholic Church, Charlotte - Carolina Catholic Sunday
St. Mark Catholic Church, Huntersville - Live Broadcast / Carolina Catholic Sunday
St. Matthew Catholic School, Charlotte - Live Broadcast 
St. Michael Catholic Church, Gastonia - Studio Mass w Fr. Lucas Rossi / Carolina Catholic Sunday
St. Therese Catholic Church, Mooresville - Studio Mass w Fr. Mark Lawlor
St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, Charlotte - Studio Mass w Fr. Matthew Codd 
St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, CHarlotte - Live Broadcast 
Take2 with Jerry and Debbie on EWTN Catholic Radio
The Obligation w Jason Murphy - 102 episodes
The ReMENant w Ray Haywood, Bill Snyder and Steve Thomas - 41 episodes
URSIS Institute - End Human Trafficking w Tammy Harris
Veterum Sapientia Institute (VSI)
Women of Purpose
Word of God Sunday - Multi-Parish Bible Distribution

We invite you to sponsor one of our Circle of Friends* or add a name to the list by simply making a monthly gift commitment. We encourage you to share this with family and friends to spread the word and expand our monthly donor base to help cover our expenses and allow us to expand our 7 platform capabilities to better serve you on your journey of faith.

*Circles named after: CCMN Programs, Parishes, Schools, Ministries, Businesses, Families/Individuals, Deceased Loved Ones

In addition to a monthly pledge…
There are other ways that you and your parish can financially support Carolina Catholic Media. 
They include: 
    Adopt a Month of expenses
    Adopt a specific expense for the year ranging from personnel to rents to utility bills
    Offer a matching donation for a particular parish, school or ministry circle 

Our 2023 Total Projected Expenses are $20,000 per month.
This includes $15,000 in monthly operational expenses plus a 3 year Tower relocation project at $5500 monthly.  

Monthly Operating Expenses         $15,000              = $180,000
7 Platform Personnel                           $9000 
(Radio/Internet Stream/YouTube, Social Media, Website, eNewsletter, Mobile App)
Radio Operating Leases                     $1500
Utilities                                                $1000
Insurance                                            $1000
Mktg./Adv/Promo/PR                          $1000
Fees & Subscriptions                         $  750
Tech/Equip./Supplies.                        $  750

Tower RELO Capital Campaign     $5555 month     =    $66,660
$5555 per mo. x 36 mo, = $200,000

Total Monthly (Operations + Capital)  = $  20,555
Total Annual                                  = $246,660


Please join us in keeping our local Carolina Catholic Voice STRONG for years to come. We are here to evangelize the Truth of Jesus Christ and the authenticity of our Catholic Faith, a legacy worthy of leaving to our children and grandchildren.  I appreciate your discerning this heartfelt request to help us continue our mission and vision with a commitment to a monthly tithe in your financial planning for 2023.  Thank you for your generosity.  May God Bless you and your family abundantly.

Yours in Christ,


David M. Papandrea, OFS
Carolina Catholic Media Network
Ph/Tx: 704.880.0260


Our Community

Holy Trinity girls attend a retreat        St. Matthews collects diapers for babies
Our Lady of Grace- Indian Land, SC threw an All Saint's day festival!

Weekly Programming

Spotlight Programs

Prescription: Life
Dr. Matthew Harrison
Join us for Prescription: Life, hosted by Dr. Matthew Harrison, where we look at the healthcare field and medical ethics through the eyes of Catholic healthcare providers and ethicists. We will have local and National guests covering topics ranging from conception to natural death and everything in between. 
Introducing episode one of Prescription: Life. Dr. Matthew Harrison discusses the show format and his background in his formation as a pro-life physician. He also discusses exactly what an abortion is and how the pro-choice community uses fear to profit off of women in the abortion industry.

The SENSUS FIDELIUM HOUR with Steve Cunningham, Tuesdays 5pm- “Why is the Fatima devotion important? If we do not know the ‘why’ behind any devotion then we won’t care to do them. Our Lady wasn’t bored in heaven and wondered what was going on in Portugal that day. There is a reason behind every devotion” Learn more here!

"Fasting & Mortification: A Forgotten Advent Tradition What are the benefits of fasting & penance? Why & how should we do those? Advent is a penitential season. Is there a fasting tradition for Advent?"  Listen Here

  • From the Rooftop - Listen to Msgr. Winslow and Fr. Kauth every day at 3:30p between the Divine Mercy and Clergy Corner.
  • In this episode, Msgr. Winslow and Fr. Kauth explore the life and musical legacy of Thomas F. Savoy. This episode will help you go deeper into the meaning of sacred music.  Listen Here

  • Joyful Echo- Woman bent over - Luke 13:10-17 (Taped on the same day at 11/9 when Kathleen called in from the road.) Kathleen’s echo considers the ways in which we are sometimes like the woman in Luke’s Gospel who was bent over for 18 years. Are there things holding your gaze to earthly things and keeping you from gazing on the Lord? Are you sometimes like the Pharisees who did not rejoice at the woman’s healing? Jean leads a time of prayer, making declarations of the Truth of God’s desire for you.  Listen Here.

The CATHOLIC MAN CAVE - Every Saturday Noon - 7pm
CATHOLIC MAN CAVE Starting Lineup 

12:00 noon - FAITH AND SPORT with Dr. John Acquaviva
1:00 pm - HOLY SACRIFICE OF THE MASS from St. Mark, Huntersville
3:00 pm - DIVINE MERCY CHAPLET sung by the St.Joseph College Seminarians
3:30 pm - FROM THE ROOFTOP with Msgr. Winslow and Fr. Kauth
4:00 pm - THE OBLIGATION with Jason Murphy
5:00 pm - THE REMENANT with Bill Snyder, Ray Haywood, Stephen Thomas


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Upcoming Events

CAROLINA CATHOLIC has 3 ways to promote your events.     
In-Advance Announcements for increased attendance
Live Broadcast for immediate impact
Pre-recorded Audio/Video for playback after the event.   

Reserve your Event Live Broadcast! 
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  • Cafe Fatima
    • Cafe Fatima was started as a parish mission to creatively call people to hear Our Lady of Fatima's request to pray the Rosary daily for the conversion of poor sinners. The mission is named Cafe Fatima because it is a call to pray your Rosary with your daily cup of coffee. If you feel inspired, please reach out to (704) 337-7296