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Nov. 2, 2022

Carolina Catholic News 11/02/2022

Founder Reflections

Hello Carolina Catholic Family.

The past two weeks have been quite a roller-coaster of emotions as we prepare to kick off our 2023 "Circle of Friends" Pledge Drive.

On October 24, we lost a dear friend of the apostolate, 
Tom Savoy. Tom and I became fast friends shortly after we signed Carolina Catholic Radio on the air in 2019.  Tying Tom's talents with a radio station was a marriage made in Heaven.  For the past 3+ years we collaborated on a Music Night at the Abbey (Oct.'19) and broadcast a number of sacred music selections from the Carolina Catholic Chorale and the St. Joseph College Seminarians.  Our last project together was with the Seminarians singing the Divine Mercy Chaplet that we play every day at 3pm with Tom's introduction.  It has made me smile through tear filled eyes to hear his voice the past few days.  I would like to do a Carolina Catholic Media Showcase on the Life of Tom Savoy in the weeks ahead.  I'll share more details on it in our next newsletter.

Yours in Christ,


David M. Papandrea, OFS
PH/TX: 704.880.0260


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St. Gabriel students gather for the Living Rosary
 Local Homeschool families tour St. Joseph   CTK Sophomores have their                              College Seminary                                       annual retreat 

Thomas Savoy

November 24, 1955 - October 24, 2022
I first met Thomas Savoy when my first son Matthew was entering seminary. He talked about his plans for forming a seminary Schola, and how excited he was for this new opportunity. He has made an indelible mark on St. Joseph’s College Seminary as well as the Charlotte Catholic diocese as a whole. Truly a God gifted talent. His influence on two of my sons is a testimony to his dedication to the formation of holy priests through sacred music. What a kind gentleman. He had recently offered to take on my third son as a student for organ lessons. Vespers has always been one of my favorite retreats during the week and he also got to show his fun side at a recent Charlotte Knights baseball game by leading the seminarians in the seventh inning stretch.
Requiescat in pace. 
Matt Harrison


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Spotlight Programs

  • Debuts this Saturday morning at 9am! 
Prescription: Life
Dr. Matthew Harrison

Join us for Prescription: Life, hosted by Dr. Matthew Harrison, where we look at the healthcare field and medical ethics through the eyes of Catholic healthcare providers and ethicists. We will have local and National guests covering topics ranging from conception to natural death and everything in between. 

Introducing episode one of Prescription: Life. Dr. Matthew Harrison will discuss the show format and discuss his background in his formation as a pro-life physician. We will also be discussing exactly what an abortion is and how the pro-choice community uses fear to profit off of women in the abortion industry.

  • The Life and Legacy of Fr. Kurt Fohn

This is a special Carolina Catholic presentation on the life of Father Kurt Fohn who passed away on June 6. His first pastor assignment was at St. Philip in Statesville as a late vocation priest at the age of 66.

He was born in Germany and was exposed to Hitler’s Youth camp. Despite growing up in a war torn Germany, Fr. Kurt was a brilliant student and had a very successful business career with BASF both in Germany and later in Charlotte and New Jersey. 

He converted to Catholicism early in his marriage and became a Deacon after arriving in Charlotte.  After the passing of his wife, he got the calling to the Priesthood that changed his life forever.
  Thanks be to God!

This tribute to Fr. Kurt is a combination of his eulogy delivered by his son Deacon Stefan (Holy Family, Winston-Salem), a family round table with his 4 children and a 2017 interview with his grandson Sam at Bishop McGuinness High School.

We hope you enjoy this special tribute to the life of Father Kurt Fohn.

  • The SENSUS FIDELIUM HOUR with Steve Cunningham, Tuesdays 5pm-“Why is the Fatima devotion important? If we do not know the ‘why’ behind any devotion then we won’t care to do them. Our Lady wasn’t bored in heaven and wondered what was going on in Portugal that day. There is a reason behind every devotion” Learn more here!

  • From the Rooftop - Listen to Msgr. Winslow and Fr. Kauth every day at 3:30p between the Divine Mercy and Clergy Corner

  • Joyful Echo- Check out what's happening this week including Kathleen's "Incarnation" series!  Watch here!

The CATHOLIC MAN CAVE - Every Saturday Noon - 7pm

CATHOLIC MAN CAVE Starting Lineup 
12:00 noon - FAITH AND SPORT with Dr. John Acquaviva
1:00 pm - HOLY SACRIFICE OF THE MASS from St. Mark, Huntersville
3:00 pm - DIVINE MERCY CHAPLET sung by the St.Joseph College Seminarians
3:30 pm - FROM THE ROOFTOP with Msgr. Winslow and Fr. Kauth
4:00 pm - THE OBLIGATION with Jason Murphy
5:00 pm - THE REMENANT with Bill Snyder, Ray Haywood, Stephen Thomas
  • Obligation Series: Bill Fountain interview on School Board. In this moving episode, Jason sits down with CMS School Board Candidate Bill Fountain.  Bill is a retired Air Force combat fighter pilot, high school teacher of math, aviation, aeronautical science, & economics teacher, NC Civil Air Patrol search and rescue pilot, and champion for children in his fight against "wokism" as he runs for the District 1 School Board!  Join us for a story filled with Faith, family, and love as Bill speaks about his journey to the Catholic Church through his early days as a young "top gun" pilot to meeting to  his wife, to becoming a father, and then ultimately hearing God's call to him for more through his miraculous cure of cancer.  You don't want to miss this one!
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  • Cafe Fatima
    • Cafe Fatima was started as a parish mission to creatively call people to hear Our Lady of Fatima's request to pray the Rosary daily for the conversion of poor sinners. The mission is named Cafe Fatima because it is a call to pray your Rosary with your daily cup of coffee. If you feel inspired, please reach out to (704) 337-7296