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Great spiritual content
I love this podcast for speaking to both Protestants and Catholics. This kind of unity is so needed for Christians. But also as a man I’m really challenged and encouraged by this content that pushes me to be a better man and a better follower of God.

Practical Guidance on a Central Subject for Christians
Joseph navigate the interview well and keeps us focused on the heart of the matter of a common struggle for many Catholics, mental prayer. It’s refreshing to hear a presentation on the subject that keeps it simple, so that approaching mental prayer is not an overwhelming or frustrating experience.

Grabbed My Attention
I loved the episode about Stop Walking Past Jesus. I enjoy the insightful speakers, reflections, and deep discussions about the journey of faith as a believer.

Ep 393 connect with your wife before it's too late
Very well explained topics! Great conversation. Helpful and useful personal stories added character and relatability to this discussion. Excellent!

Thanks Joseph!
A very insightful podcast on the journey of a Christian and how it can be tested. I like the fact that Joseph says if you’re not ready yet to take a deep dive in, that’s OK. That your faith will be ready and waiting when you are. It’s OK to falter and we all do once we pick ourselves back up.

Great podcast for Catholics and Protestants alike
Joseph Warren is a dynamic speaker and brings great guests on his show. I appreciate his authenticity, energy, and intellect.

West of Perfection
It was a delight to hear my co-author of “The Mirror” book, Maria Spears and her friend and co-host of ‘Girl Water Your Grass’ podcast, Mary Katherine Wathen. Two beautiful souls!

Open and honest interviews
Love the style of these conversations. Thank you for asking the questions your listeners are wanting answers to. God bless this ministry. 🙏🏻

Great Show!
Broken Catholic is great if you’re searching for a place to encourage your finances, family lifestyle, and feel apart of the conversation!

Encouraging, UPlifting, Refreshing
Upon listening, definitely thought that Joseph gets raw, real and dives deep into the struggles that we face daily.

Wow! I loved this podcast. Thank you. You are helping this community snd I appreciate you.

Living intentionally
Great interviews with Man School Strategist, Tim Howard and Master Instructor, Bill Schnieders! Both men are the salt of the Earth. I enjoyed listening to both these interviews. So many take aways.

Powerful and Encouraging!
Joseph is skilled, enthusiastic, and bold. He tackles issues directly that many people try to avoid. If you want real change, you need to engage the problem directly. Joseph and this podcast can help!

#348 Trusting God When Your Life Makes No Sence
Great insights from Pastor Samuel on keeping our faith in the most difficult moments.

The Man School
Thanks for having Bill Schnieders as a guest of the show. Bill brings so much passion to what he does in helping other men to live a life of greatness!

Aligning with God’s will
I really enjoyed this show.Joseph has great interview skills and injects humor that makes the show just that more interesting. I just subscribe to his channel and look forward to more biblical teaching.

Real Questions
Joseph brings the heat in Broken Catholic. I appreciate how he asks guests real questions—not fluff. You get people being vulnerable about who they are and where God is leading them. We need more of that authenticity in this life and Joseph’s podcast brings that out. God bless this podcast ministry! 🙏☦️❤️🔥

Inspiring Insight
Enjoyed the conversation with Tim Storey. Great encouragement for weary souls. Reminders of our Father’s astonishing faithfulness. Thank You!

Great perspectives from a broad faith backgrounds
I love the wide range of backgrounds and guests that are on this show. We all have a unique journey walking out faith and it is great to hear from others around lessons learned along the way.

Keeping it grounded
I love Joseph's manner of speech. He speaks with confidence about matters of faith without getting too deep into the theology. Most people are trying to figure out how our faith can be incorporated into our lives and need someone like Joseph to bring it into their reality. Thanks for the work that you do, I know many lives are being changed.

The Subtle Art of Praying with Expectation
Loved listening to Amy share her story and encouraging us to pray diligently in and for the workplace. It’s so exciting when prayer is answered and miracles happen, especially in the most unexpected places!

Joseph’s heart to add value to people is so evident. Appreciate a man whose faith compels him to love people!

So appreciate this voice
What a gift to the body of Christ. Thoughtful, creative, intelligent.

A new perspective on grieving with God.
As I walk through the journey of grief this podcast 289, gave me tools that I believe will be a game changer in my walk. 1. Don’t ask “why” -they are useless and often leave us frustrated. 2. Instead ask “what” what are you (God) trying to tell or teach me through this? What do You want me to learn or teach others because of this grief? Stop asking Why and start asking What!! “This is where the power is -real answer to real suffering”.

Powerful Show!
Host asks deep and thought provoking questions! Host summarizes and expands on what he heard to best help his community. Great show!

Wonderful insights
I enjoy listening to this podcast. The everyday insights to a strong faith life is very helpful. I recently listened to the latest podcast, which discussed the concept of surrendering to Jesus. I found myself thinking about it throughout the next few days. What a wonderful concept! It has made me think about, am I really surrendering or rationalizing my behavior. Great common sense insights!

Only one episode in and I’m already hooked! There’s so much beauty and grace in this space. I highly recommend!

Honest and centered on Gods love.
I love how honest this show is, and it really conveys the message that, we are not perfect, but Gods perfect love can pull us out of any situation!

Not afraid of the hard topics
The faith community has struggled on its place in discussing hard issues and we are left with taboo and untouchable topics. These are conversations that don’t only need to be addressed by the church as large, but led by the church! Joesph Warren, through this podcast leads the national conversation in hard issues through sound biblical principles!

It’s all around the best!