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African American History

Hello my name is Beau and welcome to my website.  First of all I must say I am not a teacher but an awakener. You see what I do is slip into the darkness of this country's secrets and bring out the people , events and atrocities that have been purposely hidden from us for decades. Please do not get it twisted I am not here to promote one group of people over another. I am here to tell our stories, the stories that were left out of our school curriculum. It is my belief that only having a public school education will leave our children uneducated. Stories about our lives and culture have been passed down by word of mouth from the slave quarters to family gatherings since our arrival. So if you should happen to be someone that cannot bare to hear the truth then unfortunately  this is not the program for you but if you want to know  factual black history from our ancestors to present day , then stop, listen and learn.

Thank You