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This show is so impactful, inspirational, and informative! I’ve learned so much that I can actually use in my career and daily life. Carolyn is tackling difficult and important subjects - doing the work of spreading education about neurodiversity and fighting against stigma. The episodes are a short listen, making it easy to binge and easy to check it out…so DO it!

Great rapport between host and guests

Nice, on-point, insightful, fun where needed, and inspiring podcast. The host is very relaxed and does a great job of building a rapport with guests.

Thought provoking & Inspiring!

This show helps you see the world through the eyes of other people in an inspiring and uplifting way. It helps capture the human spirit -- and how with effort -- each of us can be our best selves. I eagerly await each episode!!!

This goes way beyond 6 seconds!

Carolyn has attracted the most interesting array of guests and she is such a great host as she allows the light to shine on the best of her guest’s offerings. In the midst of a world where things have felt upside down, Carolyn gives us a right side up perspective by featuring so many inspiring people and their lives.

Inspiring stories!

I just listened to the episode with DeAndre Wilson. My father also had colon cancer and died 17 years ago. I live my life every day to honor him as well and I loved how DeAndre is honoring his father through his work. Although I am not rolling a 230 pound tire every day, I do feel the weight of moving forward daily. Thank you for sharing your story and inspiring us to live healthy and to carry on in the image of those that we love!

Great Voice, Great Content

Host Carolyn Kiel is a joy to listen to - great voice! And the variety of guests is enough to keep listeners coming back for more! Keep it up!

Carolyn is a star!

First off, what a great podcast host Carolyn is! She speaks clearly and is an expert interviewer. This is one of the highest quality podcasts I’ve heard in a long time. Great content A+!!!

High Production Values

I’m impressed at the attention to detail in the editing and structure of this podcast. Lots of interview shows just feel thrown together but its clear Carolyn takes pride in everything from guest selection, questions and audio quality.

Great Podcast!

Great show that you need to listen to for inspiration and motivation!

Extraordinary stories from everyday people

Carolyn Kiel interviews some incredible people who share stories of overcoming struggles to become successful in their businesses. Highly recommended!

Great host, amazing guests

Carolyn is such a great host and is able to bring in such insightful guests every time! We have all listened to all of the thought leaders out there, but this podcast is also able to bring to light some very insightful, lesser-known thinkers who will blow your mind. A must listen.

Great Podcast

Great podcast, awesome host, give it a listen,

Fantastic podcast!

What a great podcast to just challenge and inspire you to be a better business owner, entrepreneur, leader, family member or community member. Every episode I learn another way to improve myself to become a better me!

Love These Stories

Carolyn is an incredible host and the guests she has on are just fascinating. They’re stories you won’t hear anywhere else. The conversations are so interesting and I could listen for hours!

Awesome Fun Podcast!

Such a cool way to feature guests! Super short and easy to listen to. Carolyn asks great questions. Share this with a friend!

Real Stories You Won’t Hear Elsewhere

Host Carolyn Kiel highlights a wide array of real stories from real people that you won’t hear elsewhere. Great depth and breadth of guests, each providing their own valuable takeaway through the lessons learned in their journeys. Each episode offers something different. Recommend to anyone with a curiosity about other people’s stories and how to apply the challenges and opportunities explored to their own lives.

Authentic Storytelling

This show brings value to its listeners by focusing on great storytelling and genuine interest from the host to dive deeper and learn more about each guest. It is refreshing to listen to two people interact for the purpose of others rather than in the interest of oneself!

Top notch!

This is really what podcasting is all about. Very well produced and hosted. Such an interesting variety of guests. There’s something for everyone and tons to learn. This is a no brained subscribe!!!

Great host, great stories

I love how this podcast explores the wonderful stories surrounding us every day in every person we see. Carolyn is a great host, and her guests are so inspiring, passionate, and positive. It’s a really great way to start the day in a motivating, energizing space.

Wonderfully inspiring!

As a professional who works with individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities, I was excited to listen to the disability inclusion episode with Becky Curran. Wow! I really enjoyed hearing her story of perseverance to build the life she wanted. She has so many great things to say about making our society more accepting of individuals with visible and invisible disabilities! Definitely worth a listen!!


Love Carolyn’s voice and the content is inspiring and fun. Thrilled I found this podcast.


I love Carolyn's voice. This podcast is easy to listen to full of information. This podcast is refrshing and entertaining

Great interviewer

Carolyn has a knack for interviewing. It's a rare skill and can be taught but she's clearly a natural. This, coupled with concise editing, makes Beyond 6 Seconds a joy to listen to. Absolutely recommend and look forward to more episodes!

Inspirational, Incredible

This is one of the most well produced podcasts I've ever listened to. I don't know how she does it, but Carolyn makes every story feel new, different, and entertaining. This is definitely a Monday pick-me-up!

Extraordinary Content

Informational and helpful information from people in multiple walks of life. -EricaCAW

Great conversations take you beyond your first impression of folks.

Carolyn invites listeners to go beyond first impressions and get to know a variety of interesting and inspiring guests through this engaging podcast. Great conversations with people doing extraordinary things! - Heidi Bennett of Vibrant Visionaries Podcast


This podcast

Really great podcast

Informative, motivational, educational, interesting, entertaining. Highly recommend this podcast!

Such great inspiration!

Thank you Carolyn for this fantastic podcast. I love the questions you ask - they are powerful and elicit insightful answers. Every time I listen to the podcast, I feel inspired and gain a great takeaway. Thank you so much for your work on this!

Loving this so much!

Aside from the perfect voice for a podcaster, this podcast is so insightful! Im hooked and totally binged all the episodes! I especially loved the social media episode! Keep up the great podcasting!