Season 9 from September 13. 'Seven Continents' is a thriller set in the diamond mining industry. Follow now!

Season 1

Julie And Paula Humour

Voby - the accidental guru

March 4, 2020

MEDIA SATIRE: When Julie Blossom accidentally becomes an overnight YouTube celebrity, she and her friend Paula embrace the opportunity to become the go-too source for any media outlet looking for good sound-bites from Britai…

Humour JJ Topfoods Supernatural

Full Moon

Feb. 26, 2020

HUMOUR: What do you know about the people in your company? I mean, what do you REALLY know? Nick Samuel is asked to explore the diversity of employees at Topfood plc so his boss, JJ, can win an award. But what Nick finds out…

Drama Humour

Turning the tables

Feb. 19, 2020

HUMOUR: A young manager, worried that his team hates him, takes them on a team-building weekend into the Welsh hills. But what should be a bonding experience turns into a nightmare when one of the team members goes missing..…

Horror Drama

A murder of crows

Feb. 12, 2020

HORROR: Dr Gayle Jamieson trains crows in a research lab to see if they can perform useful tasks for the military. But when her boss, Professor Lang, abuses the trust she has created between birds and humans, the birds extra…

Fable Suspense

The Tip

Feb. 5, 2020

FABLE: Tony Spark needs money for his start-up and he hopes to get it from a business angel, Archibald Gabriel . But to get the money, Tony has to pass a little test. Will he pass the test and - more interestingly - would yo…

Crime Horror Suspense

Mr Dimkin

Jan. 29, 2020

MURDER: When you're caught in a traffic jam and you look at the concrete walls of the bridge or the tunnel that's alongside your car, what do you see? Could that be a face looking back at you? Mr Dimkin could tell you, but w…


The King of Spin

Jan. 21, 2020

HUMOUR: Meet Tim Hatchett - master manipulator, prince of PR - the owner of Hatchett Job PR agency, the agency that will manage your company's reputation when even your own PR manager throws in the towel. When Global Power S…

Crime Drama

The Cocktail

Jan. 16, 2020

MURDER: Jasper Slink is a successful young trader in the City of London who is not above using devious means to make a profit. But is sharing his most recent cunning plan with Smitty, the head barman at the "Bull and Bear" w…


Business Class

Jan. 16, 2020

HUMOUR: Pampered executive Mr Taylor is used to always having the best when on a business trip. But how will he cope when his efficient new assistant, Colin Smith, starts enforcing the company's new travel code? This story w…

Julie And Paula Humour

Julie and Me

Jan. 16, 2020

HUMOUR: Julie and Paula are told to organise the hotdesking arrangements in the company they work. They quickly find that they can turn this authority to their advantage and pretty soon, most of the office are buying them pr…