Aug. 7, 2023

The Business of Spirituality with Jeffrey Segal

The Business of Spirituality with Jeffrey Segal

Join Ashlan Christoph, our host, as she speaks with  Jeffrey Segal about the Business of Spirituality.

About Jeff:
Jeff is the owner and founder of Mystic Journey Bookstore and Mystic Journey Crystals.  Since he was a teenager and had a direct experience with a spirit, Jeff has always had a special connection with the spiritual aspect of his life.  This connection led him to some of the most esoteric manifestation teachings that exist, and then to guided training in the application of those teachings to everyday life.  

Jeff used these teachings and techniques to become a highly successful attorney, practicing law for almost 30 years.  He then applied them in implementing and carrying out a course of natural, alternative healing to overcome cancer instead of choosing chemotherapy.  Once rid of the cancer, Jeff employed these teachings and techniques to create Mystic Journey Bookstore, and subsequently Mystic Journey Crystals. Over the years, Jeff also developed what he calls a “Code of Life,” a set of values by which a person can not only live day-to-day to create a better life, but which are also essential to realizing the full potential of the manifesting techniques he was given. In his Life Journey Coaching consultations, Jeff will share with you these techniques and teachings, as well as his Code of Life, and work with you on how to apply them to issues you face so that you can create more of the life you want.

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