June 22, 2023

Ep.55 From Stabbing Victim to Victorious: The Incredible Journey of Adam Lucero's Triumph over Tragedy

Ep.55 From Stabbing Victim to Victorious: The Incredible Journey of Adam Lucero's Triumph over Tragedy

In a shocking and brutal attack, Adam Lucero was stabbed in the throat, leaving him with life-threatening injuries and a shattered sense of self. However, rather than succumbing to victimhood, Adam made the courageous choice to take responsibility for...

In a shocking and brutal attack, Adam Lucero was stabbed in the throat, leaving him with life-threatening injuries and a shattered sense of self. However, rather than succumbing to victimhood, Adam made the courageous choice to take responsibility for his recovery and reclaim his life. Overcoming physical and mental challenges, he defied the odds, pushing himself to regain his physical abilities and restore his mental alertness. Through determination and a commitment to optimizing his human performance, Adam not only recovered but also surpassed his previous achievements. His story is a powerful testament to the strength of the human spirit and the transformative power of personal responsibility. In this episode, he shares his tips and insights on how to become a superhuman.

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Hello and welcome to the podcast Become. My name is Sabine Kvenberg. I am your host, and today I have a very special guest with me. I can't wait to introduce him to you because his story is extraordinary. I know I say this every time but this is really something out of yeah, this could be out of the movie. And some of you may know my background. That was my background. I was a stage in TV actress for many, many years so they really could be a story out of the movie. And I have the privilege to have Adam Lucero with me. Hello, Adam. How are you today? I'm doing fantastic. I'm excited and grateful to be on the show. Your story really? begins when everything started to look up and grade for you. You just finished college. You were on your way to interview for a job. You were ready to rock and roll ready to go. And then basically your life came to a halt. And that's what we call in the movies really where the dramatic point starts to happen. So there was a little build up and everything was good and ready. And now I would like for you to share the story with our audience. Yeah, it's just the classic go to the movies on a Wednesday and get stabbed in the throat story. Just the classic one that you know happens every so often.


Let me rewind a bit. So I graduated college and I had accepted a sales job in Northern California and so two weeks before the job started super last night. I'm like scrambling to get housing. So I'm sitting at my aunt's place and she says, Adam, I have clients coming over on Wednesday, you got to be out of the house for like eight hours. I'm like, Okay, no problem. So I only know one person in the area. I go hang out with him for about four hours and he's like, Alright, I gotta go. So I'm sitting there like okay, I don't know this area. There's not much to do. I don't know anyone. Like, I'll go watch a movie by myself. And so it's like a Wednesday 2pm Not many people in the theater. And anyways, I'm sitting down. I'm just watching the movie. 10 minutes in, starting to pick up and then all of a sudden, I feel a hard hit to my throat. And I remember thinking like, what the heck, like, this guy hit me hard. Like that was my initial reaction. So I stood up and I was like, Dude, what the hell? And then I felt another punch to my arm and chest. And then so I turn around and push them and as I push them, I feel cut on my wrist and ear and instantly. It hit me I wasn't punched. I was stabbed. And so this guy stabbed me in the throat with the chef's knife. The ones that get bigger closer to the handle. Who went halfway through my throat you could probably see part of it right there. It went deep in my arm like you could see some of the scar there punctured my lung. And so as I realized it got stabbed, I started killing that I had been stabbed. I've been stabbed, the lights turned on. He started running off. And so I take off my shirt wrapped around my neck and I'm just holding the blood and and these two older women come running up there. What should we do? And I tell them just put pressure on my neck. So they're doing that. Then I hear someone say should we call 911 and I will lose it. I am just so pissed off and angry. I'm like, Yeah, you should call 911 If you don't call them in this situation. When would you like this is for like if this situation is fine. No one exists, call them or just being so angry and upset in that moment. But I'd say like five to 10 minutes come passes and the paramedics come they started asking me all these questions. Were yours at what's your name? What's your mom's name? And I get it. They're making sure I'm conscious staying awake with them whatever it is, but I was just so annoyed. I'm like, Just save my life guys. Like I don't want to answer these fucking 21 questions right now. Please just saved my life. And then they're great. Let's get them up on the stretcher and so they picked me up on the stretcher and it was so painful. I felt all the places that got stabbed worse the initial stabbing because now I didn't have the adrenaline in me right. And so they have one person on the front right of the stretcher, one on the front, left, one back right one back left. And so the person in the front right steps over row chairs and I feel all my wounds worse the initial stab and I was like oh my god and the person for the front left goes over the same row chairs for all the ruins. So for every row of chairs there was I felt like I got stabbed four times and each of those places and I remember just looking at the ceiling like trying not to scream my guts out. It was just excruciating pain. And so we get into the ambulance and I remember thinking like, okay, I can start to relax like the paramedics got me they know what they're doing. And as soon as I get that thought, I feel cold rush through my entire body. And it dawned on me I was like I lost a lot of blood like I could definitely die right now. And so I see them bring over an oxygen mask and I'm thinking like don't fall asleep. You're not supposed to fall asleep in this situation. They put it over my face. I knock out like five seconds. And then I wake up seven days later from an induced coma and I'm living off tubes. You unplug those tubes, you unplug my life, my legs forgot how to work. My energy was depleted like I remember even after I wasn't living off tubes, I literally would be eating a meal and fall asleep on my plate because I'd be so tired like eating requires so much energy that I'd have to nap. I can think clearly like I felt like a four year old and my mental cognitive function. And I guess the worst part was what happened to my confidence it disappeared like a quarter and a magic show. I had negative thoughts self doubt. I started questioning. Can I still hit all these goals in my life can I still run a business where I'm helping other people? Or is my potential destined to rot away with my ambitions? This is just This is just so really out of the blue. When when this happened in the middle of the day, by the way, did they did they catch this guy? Yeah, so the cops are actually looking for him at the time he attacked me because two days prior, he stabbed a homeless man 50 times five zero. And so they were actually looking for him and then like when they got the calls, I'm sure they put it together. They got him so he's in jail. He was schizophrenic and in his own world and it may sound weird, but like I have no hard feelings for the guy and I hope he has a great rest of his life. Because the reason is, when this all went to court, well, he couldn't be in court because he was insane. Like declared insane. So he's been working with psychologists or whoever helps him get in mental shape again, and when he regained consciousness and he found out what he did, he pled guilty. He was like I he felt terrible. So shows that he had remorse and that he was just battling his own demons. Right. Like, who's to say if I wasn't facing the same circumstances that he had where he's homeless, I didn't have access to good quality food, water, sleep, whatever it is who's to say I wouldn't be schizophrenic. I'm glad that you don't have that feeling, which is also one important thing that you have that forgiveness, even though what happened to me was, I mean, out of this world now. So when you woke up you all of a sudden realized really what happened to you. And as you mentioned, you the confidence went down. Doubts came in. And first of all, how, how long did it take for you to recover? Were you able to work? Not to tell us that that part in that moment? What happened when you woke up? First of all, I was on heavy drugs. It was an induced coma. So like my mental state, I wasn't thinking clearly because of that. But even after like the weeks when the drugs were off, I still wasn't able to think clearly but not as loopy as that. So it wasn't it was pretty brutal. I mean, when I started waking up and figuring out what happened, and it was just frustrating because right before this happened, I was in such a good place mentally and physically. I was just like on a highland life I was like life is freakin amazing. I've never been this full of bliss and joy and happiness. Like I'm starting this new job like everything is just going great. And so as I like started the recovery process like things started happening slowly I started to get the tubes not be supported by tubes, then it was next thing is like try using your legs only to find out they don't work and so it was like then over the next couple of weeks, it was like kind of figuring out what wasn't working, you know?


And then at that point, I was like, it became really frustrating because I used to be the visual and track athlete and cross country athlete now. Like my legs don't work like I can't even stand it. This has something to do with your your injuries. What were the injuries? Yeah, so someone stabbed halfway through the throat so I'm guessing that's why I'm living off tubes. I don't know something along those lines. I also have like metal plates in my jaw or something like that. And then punctured my lung down here. And then went deep in my arm right here. And so yeah, I had nerve damage in my tongue wasn't able to speak because my tongue literally can go to the right so I couldn't pronounce a certain words even after I wasn't living off tubes. At first I had to write down to communicate with people. Like the first thing I actually wrote down like when I woke up from the coma was to at least get a refund on my movie ticket. Like like it shows I was in like, like, a decent place. You know, it was fair, relatively speaking.


And so that was one of the things that really helped like it was frustrating over the times, but eventually that I reached a point where I was like, Look, I can blame the world and be a victim but that isn't helping me live a better life like that isn't serving me. And so what really happened was I got to a point where like, my legs didn't work and I was like, Okay, this is reality this happened. And you know what, like, I can't change it. All I can do is either give up on the potential or fight for it. And so I told myself in one year, I'm going to be faster, I'm going to be stronger. I'm going to be happier than I was before. And that was really just my goal. Okay, I had to believe that was going to happen and that was just something that I'm working towards. And within one year, I ran a 459 mile I was putting up decent weight in the gym, not as much as before, but pretty close to it. And I was just in a pretty good place. But it was a lot in that one year. I had to go to physical therapy. I had to go to speech. Therapy, I had to go to normal therapy I have to go to like EMT to check for my metal plates are aligned and stuff like that. And so I was like, tons of different things like that. But then on the opposite side of it. It wasn't just these things to regain my physical abilities back like if I wanted to hit my goals in life, I need to figure out how to boost my energy levels because right now I can't even eat a meal. How am I supposed to do all these things that get me back on track? So I started learning how to optimize human performance like studying evolution, biology, psychology, to ultimately boost my energy levels, my cognitive function, and every single day was just step by step, day by day, week by week, month by month foot in front of the other and just constantly taking the necessary actions needed. And like I said, one year 459 mile I was pretty close back. That's it. The longest thing actually was like I saw some nerve damage and other things, but I'd say the thing that took the longest to recover was actually like my mental alertness. I was like the craziest part like legs probably came back to full use after like a few weeks, three weeks, four weeks, and then just started getting stronger but like, yeah, it was like my mental alertness. I literally just could not think clearly felt like I was in a state of 24/7 brain fog like, and it was just crazy. Like you could ask me 11 times 11 wouldn't be able to solve it for a while. And then even after like a year, it was like I can crack jokes but everything is just like would drain me and stuff. So I don't know it's really weird to say the mental alertness and just the mental energy took the longest to recover. And so that probably took like, a year and a few months and then once I got to that point, I was like alright, let's now I can start my job. I feel like I'm actually a functional human being again. Can you remember what that internal dialogue was? That you had to make a decision? I will not accept this as the new it. I will get back or even better.


Yeah, and it was just ultimately realizing like, look, I have two choices. I can play victim. Blame the road, of course has happened to me and you know, like I have every right to be a victim if anyone ever has the right to be a victim and give up on the potential trade there. But again, it's just the internal dialogue was like, How is this thought process this mental state or this perspective, helping me live a better life? Is it helping me get to a point get to the life I want or is it just enabling me to be a victim stay stagnant and be not proud of who I am? And so once I realized that I was like, Look, I have to give up this way of thinking this way. This perspective, this added mental attitude, if I want to get hit my goals and it was really at that point where I was like a new person. I took 100% acceptance, full responsibility, and just did everything I need to do and so that's the mental switch. It's like, it's really just being aware that that train of thoughts not serving you so why would you do it? You know, do you want to what do you want to let 10 years of your life pass you by and you're still in the same place? You're weak, pathetic and saying, Oh, I was stabbed in the throat and like, just telling your story complaining to everyone. Like you're just bitter. You're living a better life or you don't feel proud about yourself. It's like, so it's just really coming to that place where you recognize that and then making the choice because it's a choice. Absolutely. And that's what you just said is so true. And if anybody is listening, and no matter what situation you are, you always have the choice to either be the victim or the victim or if you are in the victim mode, you have no power. You take away the power from yourself. When you take responsibility, no matter what happened. Then you also have the power to fix and whatever it takes to get where you want to go and to expand on what you're saying. It's like because you lose your power. Because what happens is you're essentially saying that the external world your environment dictates what you're capable of. And so that's why you lose your power but if you take full responsibility then that means if something isn't the way in you want in your life, it's because of you and yeah might not be great for your ego might be it take a little hit might not feel as good but it grants you the ability to find a solution instead of making excuses. Yes, and that ultimately led you to where you are today. Helping others that if you wouldn't have had that experience how hard it was, you most likely wouldn't be there where you are today. Yeah, totally. What was the next step? What was it that you really started doing? Because I think you you started studying the human brain and then the body and is tell us about that part? Yeah, it's just step by step. And then eventually when I got to the point where I was like, Okay, I feel functional. I feel good. Like, let's start this career. Let's go and so, yeah, ultimately, that's what happened. And then at that job, like things are going great. Like the higher ups loved me and they were a great company. They while I we got stabbed, like, they donated to my GoFundMe, they said, they're gonna hold the job for me. They were so great. And I started the job and like, things are going as great as they could be like, I was only working 20 to 30 hours a week. They like let me run like I was in a sales job. They live they didn't manage me they let me handle how I want. I was performing well on track for a really great promotion. And, but there's something that just didn't feel right. Like I'd walk in the office and I didn't feel like myself after two months. Like I sit there and I would sit at my desk like literally like feeling like my soul sucked out of me. I was like, I don't even recognize this person. anymore. Like I don't like I just don't like life right now in this current circumstance. And so that's when I realized I was like, looked back at my life. And I was always like this. I've never held a job for two or three months longer than two or three months because like I just cannot work for someone else. I've always started my own business or done a side gig hustle or whatever. And so then I was like, I was like, it's crazy. Like I'm leaving this job and like 21 That's gonna be like, multi six figures in a year if I stick with it. And so I felt kind of stupid quitting because I was like, things are going so great. They're a great company. But I called up my brother and he runs his own marketing business at this point. And so I asked him, I was like, Can I work with you? I think I need to be an entrepreneur. And so he helped me learn marketing. Then after that, I eventually was like, Okay, well, what do I what am I passionate about? And I realized, like, I love helping people with their performance, like I've had friends call me and they're like, they want to achieve more life. So for whatever reason, they just can't get there, whether it's mental blocks that don't believe in themselves. They have subconscious blocks. They struggle to take action. They don't have the motivation, the discipline, their word, they just don't feel good throughout their day. They're always exhausted. I'm not like feeling productive. And so I just realized, like I could be on these calls for 60 minutes, 90 minutes, and I'm just spewing to them like things they could do and helping them but after the call, like I feel energized like, normally on any other task. I spend 90 minutes of super high energy I'm gonna feel drained after but I just noticed I was like I didn't like and I felt I lit up like a Christmas tree. And so it was kind of just set me on this path where I was like, Okay, well, I'm gonna do this now to help people. So that's ultimately what I do now.


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You really are an example of how to take a situation and turn it around and how to use your mind in a powerful way how to get your physicality back up into a good shape. And so it's not just something that you read in the book, you actually experienced it. Yeah, and experience is far more powerful than anything in this planet. Yes. Oh, absolutely. And you know, and this is in the world that we live in now. And people start to realize that unless I mean you want to become a doctor or a lawyer or one of those professions that you really have to go to the university and do all of that.


But oftentimes, in business, there are so many wonderful people out there who are very successful in business, but not because that's what they learned from a professor Yeah, was never successful, right.


They went out and actually got experience and did the thing. Yes, get to experience and learn from others who've done it before. Right? So that really shifts and change the world that we live in today.


Yeah. So you say you can you know, you can create superhumans now, or help people to get something done in one day that you couldn't or they couldn't get accomplished and for so how can you do it? How do you work with those people? What is one of your tactics if you want to share it?


Gotcha. Yeah, and I can definitely go into a few things. So again, it kind of depends. I typically work on entrepreneurs. So some of that case would be optimizing, building out teams, delegating tasks, whatever it may be operating like a CEO, but then there's also going to be other aspects to it which can apply to everyone. We are first we have to link your two minds together. You see what happens is a lot of people they know what they need to do right but they fail to consistently do it. They declare they're gonna eat healthy workout, create content consistently or make these changes because great for a few days are feeling fantastic. Till one day they feel tired, lazy or unmotivated. So they say, Oh, I've been doing a fantastic job. I deserve one day off. And we all know what happens. They fall back into their old patterns around it's like every New Year's, you know. And so what happens is, this is happening because they're using their conscious mind to create change. They're declaring that they're going to do XY and Z. But their subconscious mind is in the habit of not doing those actions. And believe it or not, your subconscious mind actually controls 95% of the decisions you make in your day. For example, when you woke up, did you think about which hand you're gonna use to lift the sheets off your body? No. Do you think about which foot you're going to land on first or where you're where you're going to land? No. So how did these decisions get made subconsciously? And so what happens is your brain gets into the what's what's called the brain battle the subconscious mind wants to say the same. Your conscious mind wants to change. What do you think wins as you'd like? They already discovered your subconscious mind or the habits it has created, which is why everyone always falls back into lower patterns and ruts again, this is why people fail to take consistent action, why they don't have discipline. And so ultimately, what we do is we link the two minds together so that when you tell yourself, you're gonna go work out, you do it and you feel motivated to do it. And so that's really the first step is doing that, and just giving them to operate like from a more powerful place, again, to your point where you're saying, you get rid of that victim mindset, you operate with 100% responsibility. When you look at some of the biggest super achievers on this planet, they operate in a different way. They don't let their emotions dictate their actions. So that's really what we do is linked their two minds together and get them to start operating, like a more powerful person does, because the thing is, all the results in your life are a direct reflection of you. If you're not performing at a high level, you're not gonna be able to accomplish grand or things. It's just the simple reality. This is why you see Elon Musk create multiple $100 billion businesses on repeat, Tesla SpaceX neural link, it's because his perspective thoughts and actions effortlessly produce those types of results. He has become that person. And so this is where we have the perspective switch get you to operating at a higher level. Second part of that is we want to help you attain superhuman performance. If you're tired, if you wake up, you're tired, you're exhausted. You have mental fog, you're not thinking clearly you're not motivated, that day will not be as productive as a day where you were full of energy, you're motivated, you're thinking sharp. And so what we do is we help you attain superhuman performance is the second step. And then again, if you're an entrepreneur, we go into the third step where we help you operate like a CEO delegate tasks, get your freedom of time back and grow your business quicker than ever because you have leverage so ultimately, that's our whole protocol in a nutshell. Very good. And yes, it's very powerful to link those two minds together.


And what I've also noticed when I work with my clients, yeah, they we know how powerful the subconscious mind is. But it's the one thing even though when you say, hey, I want I'm going to do this now whatever the task is, or whatever that new habit is, it's really habit replacement. That's how I approach it because we all have habits and we have to do things but we have to replace it with the right thing. Is there like one thing that you have noticed a smooth out working with your clients that works better than the other? That you found that makes that connection? A little bit easier? Yep, yep. Yep. There's one thing that if you're listening to this podcast, and you do this one thing, it will be the most powerful thing you've done in your entire life. It will be the single best decision in your entire life. I promise you with 100% conviction and certainty. And this is formed the habit of sticking to your word. I mean, just think about it this way. So you likely brush your teeth every single night, regardless of how tired lazy or unmotivated you are, right? So why do you do that action versus you struggled to do these other changes you want? It's because you're in the habit of brushing your teeth, to the point where it's effortless. You don't think about it the second nature? Well imagine if you were in the habit of sticking to your work, to the point where it's as easy and effortless as it was for you to brush your teeth. I mean, what would your body look like if you kept your word to workout every single day for the past year or two years? How much further along would you be in your career business if you kept your word to be productive every single day? And how much more productive would you be if you kept your word to go to bed early every single night? And so the thing is, you only give tell yourself things you're going to do that will improve your life. And so if you form the habit of sticking to your words, you can create any change you want in your life. If you tell yourself you're going to work out every single day for for a full year, you'll actually do it because you're in the habit of it. It's going to be effortless. It's literally automatic. That's the power of habits. It was such a great pleasure to to have this conversation with you Adam and thank you so much. for sharing your story, which there is no excuse for anybody. Everybody was listening right now. There is absolutely no excuse for you to to tak tackle something that you wanted to do to reach your goals to go after your dreams. Because if someone like Adam can do it, who was literally on the brink of death, you can do it too. So thank you so much Adam. And if someone wants to get a hold of you, how can they do that? You have two ways. The first is you can go to super human ceo.com and then you can check out our client results. My story if you want to book a call with me or my team, you can go ahead and do that. Then the second place is just my Instagram it's Adam Lucero, Luc Yarrow then the number one so Adam Lucero one. Okay, now we'll make sure to put it into the show notes. Once again. Thank you so much. Appreciate you having me on. That was my interview. And if you enjoyed it, give us a five star review. Leave a comment and share it with your friends. Thanks for listening until I see you again always remember. So from the heart. Follow your passion and live the life you imagine