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Step back in time with Los Angeles' dynamic radio duo, Toscano & Chang, as they transport you to the golden era of radio in the '80s! With a blend of nostalgia and modern charm, they're reviving the classic morning and afternoon radio show vibes that'll have you grooving to the beat of a different era.

Every episode is a blast from the past, as they invite special guests, not just from the entertainment industry of the '80s, but even from beyond our wildest imagination. Get ready for a wild ride of wacky skits and stories that defined their generation and continue to captivate hearts today.

Toscano & Chang are on a mission: to bridge the generational gap by reintroducing the '80s to a whole new audience. So, whether you're an '80s aficionado or a curious newcomer, join them on this thrilling journey through time and tune in for a dose of pure retro magic. Let the good times roll, because when Toscano & Chang are on the airwaves, the '80s never sounded so good!