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May 17, 2022

Owning Your Darkness and Awakening to Authenticity - with Rachel Pringle | Awakened Love S2 EP3

Owning Your Darkness and Awakening to Authenticity - with Rachel Pringle | Awakened Love S2 EP3
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Rachel Pringle, sensuality and dynamic tantra teacher, explains how to awaken the beauty that lives within you. Rachel shares how to find empowerment in your anger, reminding us that everything is Consciousness. And that within this, perfection is not the goal - the goal is to be at peace for whatever life brings to us. To sit in the anger, sadness, or bliss - and know how to work through it.  




0:00 Intro

3:33 Empowerment in Anger

9:50 Authenticity in Relationships

19:56 Everything is Consciousness

26:03 The Witch Wound

38:33 You are Wholeness

49:45 Rapid Fire Questions

55:30 Conclusion



Rachel Pringle:


Rachel Pringle is an Actor, Writer, Creator of the Wild Woman Experience, and a sensuality and dynamic tantra teacher.

She is here to awaken the beauty that lives within you. She believes that creating lasting change in the world comes from creating lasting change in YOUR INNER world. When we are empowered and in love with ourselves our energetic imprint affects everything we come in contact with. 


Her passion in life is to empower people to be their most joyful, present and authentic version of themselves through the teachings of Sensuality, Dynamic Tantra and Communication Alchemy.  Everyone in this life is seeking connection. So let’s start by first connecting to ourselves. 


She has been studying spiritual and human development for over 20 years, starting her journey into yoga at the tender age of 12. She has immersed herself in the modalities of yoga, meditation, breath work, voice release, philosophy, somatic healing and tantra as a way to understand the power of relating, first to ourselves and therefore the world around us. 


She has a unique ability to see people in their highest. To help them recognize their unique gifts and learn how to use them. 


She specializes in Communication Alchemy, Sensuality through Embodiment, Trauma Release and Dynamic Tantra. 


These teachings are steeped in the awareness of self and unlocking the bodies physical and emotional contractions to merge with THE moment, becoming a master of energy and creation.







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