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"Autopilot" with Will Summerlin

The podcast discussed the past, present, and future of automation and its impact on our biggest industries. Guests include Sergiy Nesterenko of Quilter, Aaron Slodov from Atomic, and Jordan Domash from Responsiv.

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Recent Episodes

May 24, 2024

The Cutting Edge of Diffusion and Democratizing AI Video Generation with Paras Jain, CEO of Genmo AI

In this conversation, Will sits down with Paras Jain, co-founder and CEO of Genmo AI. They dive into AI video generation, diffusion, his path from self-driving cars to rapidly scaling Genmo to 1 million global users with six…
May 3, 2024

Building AI Infrastructure with Benchmark-backed Fireworks AI Co-Founder Lin Qiao

In this episode, Will Summerlin is joined by Lin Qiao who shares her journey from leading the PyTorch team at Meta to founding Fireworks, a company focused on specialized, customized AI models for enterprise companies and st…
April 26, 2024

How AI is Powering Defense, ISR, and the Military Tech Stack with Modern Intelligence's CEO, John Dulin

In this episode of Autopilot with Will Summerlin, Modern Intelligence CEO John Dulin discusses the vital role of AI for the future of U.S. military defense and intelligence.
April 18, 2024

AI for Creators: Automating Engagement Between Creators & Fans with Maggie Sin of MyCompanions.ai

In this episode, Will sits down with Maggie Sin, the CEO and Co-founder of MyCompanions.ai.
April 10, 2024

AI for In-House Legal Teams: Streamlining Research with Responsiv's CEO Jordan Domash

In this episode, Will interviews Jordan Domash, Cofounder and CEO of Responsiv AI.
April 3, 2024

Manufacturing's AI Revolution: How Atomic is Automating Tool and Die Making with Aaron Slodov, CEO

In this episode, Will sits down with Aaron Slodov, CEO and Cofounder of Atomic, a company using AI to automate tool and die creation in manufacturing.