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A.L.I.V.E. with Jessica Silverman

A.L.I.V.E. with Jessica Silverman

From corporate to the creative life, Jessica Silverman stepped away from a six-figure career in venture capital in San Francisco to start her own venture, all inspired initially from a podcast! Learn how in this powerful show full of golden nuggets to help you learn how you can come ALIVE in your creative prowess, while creating financial + energetic flow. Each episode will help you uncover the secrets to debunking the "starving artist" myth!

Recent Episodes

Ep 51 - Leadership, Love + Life with Maya Roffler

Sept. 23, 2022

The whole concept of "leadership" and what it means to truly be a leader in your life isn't something that has to involve a specific title or role you play, but an inherent feeling within you to take back your power and know…

Ep. 50 - Healing Our Childhood Trauma with Cendie Stanford of ACEs Matter

Sept. 9, 2022

Who were you as as a child, and how does this energy transmute itself into the way you are in world today as an adult? No matter your age! Over 90% of our trauma was created up till the age of 7. Come rewild this inner child…

Ep. 49 - Don't Let Your Differences Define You with Sam Mitchell

Aug. 26, 2022

At the age of 20 years old, Sam Mitchell is a true Pioneer fighting to end the stigmatism around mental health, and more specifically, from the perspective of Autism Awareness. I had the honor of meeting Sam in person at Pod…

Ep. 48 - Design Your Life with Passion + Livable Luxury with Taniya Nayak

Aug. 12, 2022

Her philosophy is simple, create bliss. In this heartwarming and dynamic conversation with the design genius, Taniya Nayak, we go behind the curtain of not just her success ( Hello, Restaurant Impossible ,The Great Christma…

Ep. 47 - A Life Worth Living with Jason Carter

July 29, 2022

Just know that whatever you are going through in life right now, you don’t have to do this anymore. You have a life worth living. In this episode, Jason Carter explains why and how he moved through his struggles with anxiety…

Ep 46: Elevating the Feminine Voice with Sarah Haefling

July 15, 2022

Your word is your wand, as the great Florence Scovel Shinn said. Words are energy, and have such immense power that is exercised through your voice. The feminine voice has historically been suppressed, and so many women have…