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ALIVE with Jessica Silverman: Heal Your Inner Child + Ancestral Trauma

ALIVE with Jessica Silverman: Heal Your Inner Child + Ancestral Trauma

From corporate to the creative life, Jessica Silverman stepped away from a six-figure career in venture capital in San Francisco to start her own venture, all inspired initially from a podcast! Learn how in this powerful show full of golden nuggets to help you learn how you can come ALIVE in your creative prowess, while creating financial + energetic flow. Each episode will help you uncover the secrets to debunking the "starving artist" myth!

Recent Episodes

June 13, 2024

Ep 121: Grounding Rituals to Release Stagnation + Gems in Gemini Season

If you're feeling unsettled, get grounded with me in this Gemini season where I unravel how to find yourself back on solid ground. With so much uncertainty in the world, and the instability of what tomorrow can bring, it can…
June 5, 2024

Ep 120: Normalizing the Human Experience + Gathering Gold from the Pioneer of Kids Yoga with JodiGolda Komitor

Being human can be challenging, especially in light of the global shift over the last 4 years.How can we embrace these changes with grace, and not pressure ourselves to live up to cultural standards that are honestly, unatta…
May 29, 2024

Ep 119: How to Support Someone Who Struggles, Suicide, and the Wolf Spirit Way

If you’re struggling, or want to know how to support someone and be an ally for mental health 🫶 this message and episode is for you! 💕💕 In this last of a special series to honor Mental Health Awareness month, I share both a …
May 22, 2024

Ep 118 - Overcoming All or Nothing Thinking + the Shiva-Shakti Dance

In continuation of honoring this month's series for Mental Health Awareness Month, this epsiode unlocks another aspect of our own internal struggle with all or nothing thinking and how this plays a role in triggering trauma …
May 15, 2024

Ep 117: What Gaslighting Looks Like + How to Take Your Power Back

Send us a Text Message. If you’ve ever been gaslit, or have dealt with this challenging dynamic in your life, this episode is your elixir to a deeply intimate and enlightening conversation on what gaslighting looks like, and…
May 8, 2024

Ep 116: How to Tame your Overthinking Mind + the Connection to Past Trauma

Send us a Text Message. I'M BACK!!! Just in time for the divine month of May, a window in time that celebrates Mental Health Awareness month, Jewish Heritage Month, and my birthday on May 12th! Each episode this month will …