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2 Million Blossoms - The Podcast

The podcast edition of the publication by the same name, dedicated to protecting all pollinators, large and small!

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Feb. 19, 2024

Flemming Vejsnæs - Beekeeping and Apimondia 2025 in Denmark (026)

In this episode of 2 Million Blossoms, host Dr. Kirsten Traynor sits down with Flemming Vejsnæs, a bee biologist and beekeeper from Denmark, to delve into bees and beekeeping in Denmark. Drawing on their long-standing friend…
Jan. 8, 2024

2 Million Blossoms Podcast - 2024 Relaunch (025)

Welcome back to the 2 Million Blossoms Podcast! In this special relaunch episode, host Kirsten Traynor sits down with Jeff Ott from the Beekeeping Today Podcast. They delve into Kirsten's recent adventures in Germany and the…
Sept. 11, 2022

Adrian Fisher - Sub-Lethal Exposure to Pesticides and Fungicides (024)

Adrian Fisher has been investigating the impacts of fungicides on honey bee health. Fungicides are often considered bee safe, because they don’t outright kill adult bees. But Adrian has found some troubling sub-lethal effect…

About the Host

Kirsten TraynorProfile Photo

Kirsten Traynor

Director of the State Institute for Bee Research, University of Hohenheim

Dr. Kirsten S. Traynor is a honey bee biologist, who investigates how pesticides and varroa impact social behavior in honey bees. In January 2020 she launched a new quarterly magazine 2 Million Blossoms: protect our pollinators. The 100+ page print magazine is designed to inspire, inform and entertain. How did she end up so wild about pollinators?

In 2006-2007, Kirsten received a German Chancellor Fellowship. During that time she drove over 50,000 miles throughout Western Europe to study the differences between European & American beekeeping. Fascinated with the social complexity of a honey bee hive, she returned to school and earned her PhD in biology with Dr. Robert Page. While a grad student, she spent almost a year in Avignon, France in the lab of Dr. Yves Le Conte as a Fulbright Fellow.

She’s the former editor of Bee World and American Bee Journal, the author of Two Million Blossoms: Discovering the Medicinal Benefits of Honey and Simple, Smart Beekeeping. She previously managed a small apiary producing top quality nucs and Maryland reared queens, but has taken a break from running her own bees to focus on her new magazine.