You Are Good

A Lovely Podcast

I haven’t found an ep yet that didn’t teach me new things and make me feel like my gooey sweet emotions around our vast and varied media landscape aren’t as silly or inappropriate as I was told they were growing up. Sarah Marshall is a genuine sweet wonderful accepting person - I have loved her in every podcast I’ve ever heard her in. Alex Steed is a great foil for her, providing just enough of a differing viewpoint to be interesting while still being agreeable. He’s such a great example of positive masculinity. I’m so used to men (it always seems to be men) denigrating and looking down on anything they deem overly sweet or feminine that it’s really nice to hear someone male consider all viewpoints as equally valid. Their friendship carries through in every episode, which is incredibly sweet. And every guest feels carefully screened to continue the sweetness and understanding.

I’m so glad I found this podcast. Sometimes I listen even if I’m not interested in the movie being discussed because their voices are so nice and their viewpoints are so expansive and accepting. This is a wonderful sweet podcast and I highly recommend it.

March 7, 2023 by BibsEBeth on Apple Podcasts

You Are Good