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Pump Up The Volume

HA! — I was a junior at Saugus High School, in Santa Clarita, CA, when Pump Up The Volume was filmed. I was an extra in the film (we got excused from class so it was totally worth it despite laboring for long hours for free), and at the time, I wrote for the school newspaper and got to interview Christian Slater in his trailer. Oh my heart! My life was forever changed! In the evenings we loitered on campus and hung out with Seth Green and Ahmet Zappa between their scenes. They were the nicest guys and incredibly down to earth.

It was a delight to revisit this experience, long pushed to the deepest depths of my mind, and to hear your in-depth analyses of the film. Now I feel the need to watch it again.

And yes, the soundtrack is amazing and the highlight is Everybody Knows, by Leonard Cohen. Thanks a ton!

Sept. 24, 2021 by cowbjdfwibibdeSmitty on Apple Podcasts

You Are Good