You Are Good

Therapeutic. Sharp. Hilarious. I love it.

This feelings podcast about movie HITS! You do not need to see the movie to enjoy the chats. Sarah and Alex have the best chemistry, they always have incredible guests who have their own great shows/content so this is also a great space to find new stuff!

The topics discussed are always relevant and I can always feel the emotions resonating through the podcast and into my soul. Sarah and Alex have a fun way of putting even the most depressing realities, and since we live in one of those, it’s great to hear a fun description of it.

The pod also has dope original music some of the times! They’ll be releasing some of those songs soon too! Not to mention the episode-inspired playlists released with each new episode. Overall the production of the podcast is tight and calming - an awesome combo. Shout out to Carolyn.

I’d listen to these humans talk about anything.

Sept. 24, 2021 by Crusty Vans on Apple Podcasts

You Are Good