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Oct. 12, 2020

Reboots, Remakes, and Revisits

In this episode, Andrew Streeter and Yeti Blanc are joined by Lorenzo Rodriguez to discuss their thoughts and feelings about reboots, remakes, and revisits in film and television. Also, will you hear the makings of a new musi...

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Sept. 22, 2020

Unwritten Rules

Episode 5!!! In this episode, Suey Award winner, Andrew Streeter and 5x Suey Award loser, Yeti Blanc , discuss the unwritten rules of several sports, but mostly baseball. The guys also try to fix Golf, Tennis, and Hockey! Als...

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Sept. 14, 2020

The Beatles! with Jeremy Taché

Our first music episode! Andrew Streeter and Yeti Blanc welcome our very first guest, Jeremy Taché ! We fan boy over our favorite band, the Beatles! Roll up for the magical mystery tour, step right this way, as we cover …

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Sept. 5, 2020

What is a Quibi?

Andrew Streeter educates the elder statesman, Yeti Blanc, about the brief history of the streaming entertainment newcomer known as Quibi! The guys discuss the history, successes, and failures of this new-fangled interweb thin...

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Aug. 29, 2020


On this week's episode, we examine our past and present relationship with Facebook. Andrew and Yeti also discuss if kids would hate BTS if all the parents became super fans of their music. Plus, we discuss online usage after ...

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Aug. 15, 2020


Andrew Streeter and Yeti Blanc discuss the changes to the ESPN radio lineup that are going in to effect August 17. Listen as the guys give their thoughts about how these changes will affect the Dan Le Batard Show, with …

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Aug. 14, 2020

Episode Zero

Just a quick 30 second overview of this new Podcast brought to you by Andrew Streeter (@AndrewStreeter_) and Yeti Blanc (@thisolddad). Follow us on Twitter @YesMaybeNoPod and don't forget to subscribe, rate, and review!

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