Dec. 10, 2022

YUH 98 - "As The Earth Turns" with Ed Hartman

YUH 98 -

It's YUH episode 98! As we count down to our historic 100th episode of the pod,  we have an amazing hour with composer/producer Ed Hartman!  Through connections made in his studio a few years ago,  Ed discovered Richard Lyford's "As The Earth Turns",  wrote a complete musical score for the film,  enjoyed a run with it on Turner Classic Movies and eventually got it in front of Steven Spielberg as a candidate for an Academy Award!  It is an amazing story,  and Ed takes us through the entire journey.  You will not want to miss an original piece of music by Ed at the end of the show!  #AsTheEarthTurns #TCM #richardlyford #scifi #theacademyawards #jazzmusic #OrsonWelles

YUH Theme by David T and Mojo 3

Video clip from this episode

Ed Hartman's official website

Wikipedia abou "As The Earth Turns

Ed Hartman's original score for "As The Earth Turns"

Review of "As The Earth Turns" from Philosophy in Film

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