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A husband, wife and compadre Aaron chat with friends and guests about whatever is on the tip of the tongue. Located in Cincinnati, the show will often have a local flavor (think goetta and Grippos potato chips), plus the perspective of a living, breathing member of the Scorpion Hill Gang!

Recent Episodes

YUH 117 - Just the Previews - The Movies of 1984 Screen 1

March 18, 2023

Welcome to our "Rotisserie Cinema" podcast series! In this episode of "Just the Previews", a format we will present several times leading up to our next "Rotisserie Cinema" extravaganza! For this installment, we'll be lookin…

YUH 116 - AAA Vol. 6 - "Levelling The Land" with Thea Shook!

March 11, 2023

On this episode of Yeah Uh Huh with Lisa, Phil, and Aaron, we're joined by our friend Thea Shook to “Level the Land” with a track-by-track breakdown of the classic Levellers album. Get ready to rock out and dive deep into th…

YUH 115 - Professor Lyrical!

March 4, 2023

A professor of mathematics at the University of the District of Columbia, Professor Lyrical (aka. Professor Plourde) combines higher education and a gift for ryme to mould young students into the world leaders of tomorrow. …

YUH 114 - Studio D'Lux with Doug Kistner!

March 1, 2023

Studio D'Lux is a supergroup comprised of Glen Burtnik of Styx, Liberty Dvito of the Billy Joel band, John Herrington of, author of the the bad ass guitar solo from Steely Dan's "Reelin' in the Years, and legendary vocalist …

YUH 113 - Rerun Forensics - The X Files "Home" with Jeremy Bryant!

Feb. 25, 2023

Time for another Rerun Forensics, and this one might linger in the dark recesses of your brain for a while. You certainly don't want to sleep on it. Some consider the episode "Home" fom season four of the legendary series …

YUH 112 - Rotisserie Cinema Take 1 - The Films of 1983 with Kasey Box and Mike Hilbig!

Feb. 18, 2023

Welcome to Yeah Uh Huh Rotisserie Cinema, the wildly entertaining new game show in which a panel of our favorite guests convene as a quarrel-less quorum to determine the "Felix" as the best film of a given year, subject, d…