Aug. 26, 2021

How to Revive a Nostalgic Brand with Stephanie Stuckey, CEO Stuckey‘s Corporation E68

How to Revive a Nostalgic Brand with Stephanie Stuckey, CEO Stuckey‘s Corporation E68
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Stephanie Stuckey, CEO,  Stuckey's Corporation,,,

Connect with Stephanie on LinkedIn:

Nostalgic Brands are on the rise as consumers seek to rekindle memories from their childhood. Stuckey's holds a special place in the road-trippers heart. Stephanie is reviving that sentiment and building a profitable community around America's pastime- the great American Road Trip.

In this week's episode, Stephanie offers her best advice to those entrepreneurs and CEOs on how to revive a brand.

  • Why did Stephanie buy Stuckey's Corporation?
  • What she learned from her grandfather and Founder
  • Franchise program update
  • Building back through storytelling
  • A big manufacturing decision 
  • Vision Statement
  • Advice for entrepreneurs
  • How she bounces back from a NO! - (yes, she does hear 'no' often on her barnstorming tour) 
  • Sources of inspiration  (Moon Pie, Nike, Radio Flyer, Airbnb, and others)
  • You need to build a community around your consumers for your consumers
  • Her best kept secret marketing weapon - PS - it's almost free
  • Insights into hiring and building a team. 

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