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Love this show!

I love You’re Wrong About so of course I had to listen to Sarah’s new podcast. Sarah and Alex are so funny together and I love any new movie podcast.

I can’t quite describe why I find this podcast so soothing...

... and yet I do! Something about looking at family structure, the role of fathers in particular, through a pop culture or cinematic lens just really works—the hosts are good humored and insightful and even in the weeks where I haven’t seen the film, I feel like there’s insight and warm camaraderie…

Fantastic music and love Sarah Marshall

Love this podcast and I swear I’m only slightly (completely and totally) obsessed with Sarah Marshall. Now that I’m caught up on You’re Wrong About, I’m hope there are many more episodes of both podcasts coming!

Best way to consume media

I feel like I joined a movie club with the two funniest people in class.

If the 1931 Frankenstein blew them away . . .

wait till they see Bride of! BTW, Karloff was English. I’m only getting picky because I like your fresh approach to film.

Why ARE Dads?

Came over from YWA and I’m so glad I did. Love all your insight into parental psychology. Can you do Neverending Story sometime? Side note: The TWA-Dads-MPhase trifecta is my life support right now

Perfect pod!

I just love these people! They’re smart, kind and empathetic. It’s wonderful to listen to two people who care for and respect one another in the way they do. Definitely same for You’re Wrong About. The way they treat each other inspires me to be kinder to myself. I thank you!

Keep ‘Em Coming!

This is such a fun podcast!

Every episode is interesting

I’ve listening to 4 episodes so far and love them all. Some of the movies I’ve never even seen fully just bits and pieces but I can still completely understand the explanations about the dads in the movies. One movie I think would be a good dad movie to unpack in Varsity Blues. So many dumb dad mom…

Plz do Bicentennial Man!! Robin Williams + Sam Neill

I will listen to whatever Sarah Marshall will speak on 🖤💎🖤

Look forward to listening every week

I love this podcast and get super excited when I see a new upload. Love hearing about the different movie dads and the discussions every week. It makes my work at home mornings more enjoyable!! Couldn’t recommend this podcast more.

Helpfully Funny and Smart

Two smart and funny people talking about the depictions of dads in our media. A lot of fun and it’s been very helpful with putting my own dad in perspective.

Highly recommend

I don’t think I can overstate how much I enjoy this podcast. It reminds me of fun discussions with your favorite professor using pop-culture movies as a springboard. There’s a lot of talk about our favorite pop-culture movie characters, psych, with humor sprinkled throughout. What more do you need?!


How could their first episode about the campiest film of all time make me boohoo like a baby? I can’t comprehend it, but I did, and it can. We all have issues with Dads. Exploring those issues thru the lens of these iconic, quirky, or dramatic movies really works. Thank you for making a show that i…

Unique & thoughtful

Full of relatable nostalgia & excellent cultural commentary. Charming


The Jaws episode is stunning. I sent it to my dad. ❤️

You guys are my new dads

Ngl I have ✨daddy issues✨and this is really interesting. Came from You’re Wrong About, found another great podcast

Super podcast and suggestion

Loved the first episode. Good insight, humor...really great. Rewatched “Jaws”later that night with the dad perspective thrown in. My suggestion for one show would be Ron Howard’s 1989 “ Parenthood “. Steve Martin’s character, Gil delivered one line that changed my understanding of my dad forever.…

Honest and Nostalgic!

I’m a huge You’re Wrong About fan and would listen to Sarah Marshall read the phone book (do they still exist?) But this is infinitely more interesting.


A podcast that makes Wednesday uploads exciting! I also got here by way of YWA and having twice the weekly ability to listen to Sarah’s graceful & smart intellectual academic renderings of All The Things, NOW FEATURING: MOVIES, makes my heart the happiest. Carry on!

Thoughtful and Beautifully Produced

I am a huge fan of You’re Wrong About and also a big movie buff and yes, I have daddy issues, so this podcast is perfect for me. I love how thoughtful Sarah Marshall is and how she and her cohost use films as a way to talk about fatherhood and masculinity. The music production is gorgeous and haunt…

Everything Sarah Marshall does is solid gold

Fantastic concept, can’t wait for more episodes.

Beautifully Crafted

This podcast is completely out of my normal realm of listening and I’m very glad I stumbled across it. This was a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to many more episodes.

Love it!

As a person with a dad, I appreciate this. Thank you for helping me work through my boomer dad trauma with movie dad archetypes! Looking forward to the next episode. ♥️

man. dads.

i tend to scribble sarah quotes. today’s was “emotional intimacy allows us to become greater than the sum of our parts.” my dad died 1.6 years ago and i’m so so so messed up and processing—probs forever—i judiciously avoid any media about dads. i never would’ve heard this podcast, but i love (love,…

You’ll want to call your dad.

Do you have a dad, are you a dad, do you know a dad? This pod is for you! New dads, bad dads, absent dads. It’s all here. Sarah & Alex take a deep dive into the complex relationships we have with our dads and their diving bell is media. They've touched on an inventive ways to examine dadhood and …

Great podcast

Just heard the first podcast and will be back for more! I learned so much about Jaws and Dads in film. LOVED IT!

Affecting, Funny, Beautifully Produced

Simply gorgeous, the production/editing and all the original music are amazing, so much so it feels an instantly cohesive whole from the jump. Sarah and Alex’s commentary is far-ranging, way surpassing what I expected from their framing of the podcast’s scope. Yes, of course, there’s a lot of smart…

Sarah Marshall Makes Me Happy

I just love the way she expresses herself and makes her points about the topic. Thoughtful, considered, smart, funny, just my favorite podcaster


I too have had a major crush on Captain Brody all my life! I found my tribe! 🦈🙌🏻

Thank you!

Thank you Sarah for more content! I adore you!

Can’t wait for next episode

Smart, thoughtful, frank, and beautifully produced. I love the music and the informative asides. The show offers sound correlations between the film, the hosts’ lives and the greater human experience with humor, honesty and, ultimately, compassion. What a treat.

Please do Men, Women, and Children

It’s such a weird movie and I would love Sarah’s take on it

So Necessary, Thank You!

I’m a huge Sarah Marshall and I’m excited to get to know Alex! I’m someone who grew up with a single mom and only distantly remembers his dad personally but has much second person information about him. So amped about this show. One movie I’d love to hear you process would be My Neighbor Totoro, p…

We need to talk about the music

The episode content was fantastic. The music was cool at first but then it became too much, too kitschy. I hope this is parked down in future episodes.

Perfect for thoughtful dads like me

If an algorithm worked for 10,000,000 iterations to come up with the perfect podcast for me, this podcast would have been the result.

Beautifully produced

I run the risk of being biased, but Kendrick’s audio production—and her musical contribution—is absolutely lovely.

Love this!!

I really do!!