Why Are Dads?

Why Are Dads?

Sarah Marshall and Alex Steed attempt to understand what the hell it means to be the grown children of dads and other dad-like figures. And, as they do with all difficult subject matter, they do so by looking through a pop culture lens.

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BONUS EPISODE: Saved by the Bell [Patreon episode]

Nov. 22, 2020

This is the latest installment of our Patreon-only chats that we wanted to share with y'all because…

Demystifying Dad and Big Fish with Guest Louisa Smith

Nov. 18, 2020

Tim Burton's Big Fish is about a man who hopes to get a better sense of who is yarn-spinning father…

Film Reviews Mental Health

Charismatic con men, grief and The Royal Tenenbaums

Nov. 11, 2020

We usually tease the episode with some pithy switcheroo about how the movie is about one thing, but…

Invisibility AND masculinity in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

Nov. 4, 2020

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids is about a dad who shrinks his kids, sure, but is it possible there are so…

Film Reviews Mental Health

Robot Daddies and Terminator 2 [with Michael Hobbes!]

Oct. 28, 2020

Terminator 2 is about a boy, his mom, and a killer robot, sure, but is it possible that a movie abo…

Plague, abandonment and Roy Cohn in Angels in America

Oct. 21, 2020

Angels in America is about plague in the Reagan 80s but could it be possible that there are some da…

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So this is not dad related, but Sarah and I (Alex) made this infographic 6 years ago and I had almost wholly forgotten about it.  Here is what I …