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When shift happens

When shift happens

Join lively and organic conversations about today’s most relevant topics, analyzed through the human, real and unfiltered lens of your favorite entrepreneurs, athletes, musicians, artists, creators, politicians, investors, and crypto geniuses.

Hopefully, this podcast helps you form the opinions, mindset, and habits you need to build the life you want.
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Recent Episodes

July 11, 2024

Meow from Jupiter: The Future Of Money And Communities | E79

Meow is the CoFounder at Jupiter Exchange, the most used decentralized Exchange in the world. He is a true O.G. in the crypto scene, with a wealth of experience as the lead advisor at Instadapp, Kyber, and Blockfolio. In th…
July 4, 2024

E78: The Sandbox Co-Founder: How Crypto Will Make Gamers Rich In 2024

Sebastien Borget is the Co-Founder and COO of The Sanbox, a Unicorn online gaming platform that offers a unique and immersive gaming experience. In this conversation, we dive into: -The Origin of The Sandbox -The Challeng…
June 28, 2024

E77: Luca Netz: My Blueprint To Building The Crypto Empire

Luca Netz is the Owner and CEO of Pudgy Penguins a Web3-born brand that fosters creativity, freedom, and community. This is Luca's second time on the podcast, in the first episode we covered how he went from being a 10th-g…
June 20, 2024

E76: How To Not F*ck Up The Crypto Goldrush

Raoul Pal is the Co-Founder and CEO of Real Vision and the Founder of Global Macro Investors. Raoul candidly opens up about dealing with massive FUD in early 2023, the impact it had on him, and how he not only overcame the …
June 13, 2024

E75: Animoca Brands Chairman: How Crypto Will Fight Poverty

Yat Siu is the Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Animoca Brands. Animoca Brands is a global leader in gamification and blockchain with a large portfolio of over 400 investments in Web3. Its mission is to advance digital …
June 6, 2024

E74: Ethena Founder: Growing to a $10B Protocol Valuation in 1 Year

Ethena Founder: Growing to a $10B Protocol Valuation in 1 Year In this episode, we sit down with Guy Young, the founder of Ethena, to dive deep into the world of crypto and DeFi. Ethena is a groundbreaking synthetic dollar p…