What's Happening in Fintech Today

What's Happening in Fintech Today

What's Happening in Fintech Today is a podcast brought to you by Fintech Today (FTT): A community and content company focused on the fintech startup ecosystem.

Join FTT Co-Founder, Julie VerHage-Greenberg, every Monday and Thursday as she dives deep into the latest happenings with the movers and shakers of the fintech space!

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"We're The Growth Platform For The Future Of Fintech" ft. Kurtis Lin, Co-Founder/CEO @ Pinwheel

Feb. 3, 2022

Julie is joined by Kurtis Lin , Co-Founder/CEO @ Pinwheel (payroll API platform) to discuss: What Exactly Is A Payroll API? (2:27) How Every Fintech Company Follows The Same Roadmap (4:18) How Is Pinwheel Allocating It's Rec…

How To Smartly Stash Your Crypto ft. Brandon Krieg, Co-Founder/CEO @ Stash

Jan. 31, 2022

Julie is joined by Brandon Krieg , Co-Founder/CEO @ Stash (subscription personal finance app) to discuss: Why Stash Decided To Get Into Crypto (2:19) The Stash Smart Portfolio (3:30) The Beta Testing Process (9:46) Fintech P…

The New Crypto Loan: Providing Capital Without Collateral ft. Mike Sall & Blake West, Co-Founders @ Goldfinch

Jan. 20, 2022

Julie is joined by Mike Sall & Blake West , Co-Founders @ Goldfinch (decentralized credit protocol for crypto loans) to discuss: What Goldfinch Does (2:20) Why Goldfinch Is Such An Important Product (10:18) Real World Use Ca…

How To Arrive And Thrive As An Immigrant ft. Misha Esipov, Co-Founder/CEO of Nova Credit

Jan. 17, 2022

Julie is joined by Misha Esipov , Co-Founder/CEO of Nova Credit (international credit reporting agency) to discuss: What Nova Credit Does (2:27) Why They Have No Competitors (5:24) How The Pandemic Ruined Their Flagship Prod…

WWCD 2022 (What Will Congress Do) ft. Jonah Crane, Partner @ Klaros Group

Jan. 13, 2022

Julie is joined by Jonah Crane , Partner @ Klaros Group (advisory and investment firm) to discuss: The Big Themes In Crypto Regulation for 2022 (02:23) Paypal Launching A Stable Coin (10:36) What's Going To Keep Jonah Busy I…

Fintech In The Metaverse & Other 2022 Predictions ft. Mark Goldberg, Partner @ Index Ventures

Jan. 10, 2022

Julie is joined by Mark Goldberg , Partner @ Index Ventures (venture capital firm) to discuss: Mark's Viral Predictions For Fintech In 2022 (02:27) How Crypto/Web3/DeFi Will Grow In 2022 (06:11) What Caused The Web3/Crypto R…