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What Would a PK Say?

What Would a PK Say?

This podcast is a place where every Pastor's Kid can tell their side of the story no matter how old or young. From the Good times to the bad, all the ups and downs, we all have a story and someone has to hear it.

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Recent Episodes

Elisa Reyes-Diaz Returns

March 19, 2023

Saludos Mi Gente. We welcome back Elisa to the show!!

I Get Interviewed...

March 5, 2023

Saludos Mi Gente. I was lucky enough to be interviewed in a show called Trayendo Esperanza by Luis Jimenez and Will Mendez. Hope you enjoy.

Raul Otero

Feb. 19, 2023

Saludos Mi Gente!! Another great episode with another wonderful PK, Raul Otero.

Orlando Reyes Jr.

Feb. 5, 2023

¡¡Saludos Mi Gente!! Thanks again for Listening. We were so happy to hear from Orlando Jr. we hope you enjoy the show.

Obed Jauregui

Jan. 15, 2023

Saludos Mi Gente!! Thank you once again for listening to our show. Below is the website if you have any questions or are simply interested in contacting someone from the PK Movement. https://www.pastorkid.com/ You can also f…

Nesya and Jadon Gonzalez

Jan. 1, 2023

Saludos Mi Gente! Welcome Back! It's the first episode of Season 5 with siblings, Jadon and Nasya Gonzalez.