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We Should Do This Again Sometime with Kat & Marc

We Should Do This Again Sometime with Kat & Marc

Kit Kat Chinetti ( https://letterboxd.com/kat_chinetti/ ) and The Marc Rob ( https://letterboxd.com/showinmadlov/ ) discuss classic and current film, pop culture, news and entertainment. Think of them as Katman and Robin, son. Don't approach them if you had a "Fight Club" poster on your college bedroom wall. Presented by Hyphen Podcast Group and It's Like a Podcast or Whatever. Tip your waitress on Venmo at Kathryn-Chinetti.

Recent Episodes

"Why isn't Kurt Russell in..."

Sept. 30, 2022

In the 17th installment of Deleted Scenes, Marc sells “Little Big League,” Kat continues her lust over Kurt Russell, and Kelen has two words for Ellen DeGeneres and Kevin Hart fans. Also, if you’re reading this, you need to …

"With a pen in one hand..."

Sept. 23, 2022

Call your local fire department because we’ve got a barnburner. Kelen Conley joins us to discuss the definitive rom-com “When Harry Met Sally” and classic “Bull Durham.” Kelen expounds on the hotness of Billy Crystal, Kat ye…

Doing the Freak

Sept. 16, 2022

Sometimes, advertising can fail a film. This week, Kat & Marc explore a few films where looks can be deceiving: Dirty Dancing, Moonstruck, Bodies Bodies Bodies. They get de…railed by Patrick Swayze, wonder if Cher deserved t…

The Truth About Extraterrestrials

Sept. 9, 2022

Originally, Season 6 was to start off talking about the two most important aliens of the 1980s. While the episode got slightly delayed, good things come to those that wait. In this week’s episode, Kat & Marc give us the cold…

Mysterious Southern Accents

Sept. 2, 2022

Starting off Season 6 with the 100th show episode. This season was curated with the idea to save the 80s for Kat. Less cocaine filmmaking, more sentimentality. For this episode, Kat & Marc review “Steel Magnolias” and “Terms…

The Giveaway

June 17, 2022

Come an enjoy a tiny tribute to Kat & Marc’s favorite film characters. Stay for a special giveaway! First person to correctly name each character and their film, will win a year Patron subscription with Letterboxd! On Twitte…