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Hello! This is We Came From Beneath the Sea, a weekly horror and sci-fi podcast where three best friends talk about what made those movies so good, and why we keep going back to them! A proud member of the Slash ‘N Cast Podcast Network!

Meet Your Hosts-

The We Came From Beneath the Sea Podcast is run by a close knit group of sea dwellers who go way back. Who are these mysterious creatures? Find out here! 

Bailey- Hey Everybody, this is Bailey and I just wanted to fill in some blanks about my background in horror and give some info for our loving fans of the show! I have been a lifelong horror fan, starting my watching at around 3, maybe even earlier than I remember. I can distinctly remember watching John Carpenter's Halloween(1978) on Halloween, a family tradition for as long as I can remember. I have a goal of becoming a writer, director, and producer of and for horror films. At this point in my career, (I can't even really call it a career... yet) I've been a Production Assistant, and have acted in the Friday the 13th Fan Film, The Fall of Camp Blood (Dir. Riley Lorden). I've also been diving into the world of literature, and since 2017, have been writing a book about the history of the slasher film, which I hope to have published by the middle of 2022. My one goal for this show is to make content with two of my best friends, and to reach the horror fans across the world. 

Buckaroo Brandon-This is Buckaroo Brandon, I’m 22 years old, and I’m a host on the podcast known as We Came From Beneath The Sea. I’m an Introvert, but I love to talk Horror, Sci-Fi, Action, and Monsters. The world is more cruel than any other horror movie I’ve ever seen, so my goal for this podcast is to connect with people all over the world, and allow them to escape reality for an hour or two.

Zach- Hello everyone my name is Zach and I am one of the hosts of the horror sci-fi podcast We Came From Beneath The Sea. I've been a horror fan from a very early age like many of you and this podcast gives me the opportunity to talk about some of my favorite films with my 2 favorite screwheads. I also love to write. I've been writing short stories since my junior high years and I hope to maybe one day publish a collection of them. My one goal for the show is to have fun and spread the word on some horror and sci-fi gems that maybe some of you haven't seen.