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Wake Up With Gratitude

Wake Up With Gratitude

Do you find it hard to be grateful when faced with challenges? Would you like to learn new and different ways to practice gratitude? Host Julie Boyer has been practicing gratitude for over a decade, and it was this practice that helped her recover from two miscarriages, the second one which almost cost her her life. Our podcast guests come from diverse backgrounds and the one thing they have in common is a passion for practicing gratitude.

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Julie Boyer is a Gratitude and Gut Health Expert. She’s host of the Wake Up With Gratitude™ podcast and author of 30 Days of Gratitude. Passionate about gratitude and gut health, Julie is also the co-founder of the 6-Week Gut Reset (www.6weekgutreset.com) program that has been helping women reclaim their gut health for over a decade. Julie practices gratitude daily and founded the Wake Up With Gratitude™ shop in 2017, where you’ll find landscape photos & prints, thank-you cards, gratitude workshops and more. Julie currently lives on Vancouver Island, where she balances several home-based businesses while unschooling her 11-year-old daughter. Her mission is to inspire you to ‘Wake Up With Gratitude™’ every day!

Recent Episodes

What is the Secret to Move From Depression to Gratitude? (Jennifer Ibbotson Rodriguez, Ep. 198)

Jan. 24, 2023

Jen's husband is a disabled veteran who felt suicidal and was shocked when his doctor told him to simply try gratitude. Jen was in the room when this happened and her reaction to this news was not what she expected. She shar…

How Does Gratitude Help Us When We're Not Sure What's Next? (Lorena Saavedra Smith, Ep. 197)

Jan. 17, 2023

Unsure of what was next in her life, Lorena was introduced to a gratitude practice. This practice didn't feel like it would apply to her as an immigrant and it felt like it wouldn't work in her situation. Through a combinati…

Does Practicing Gratitude Help Us Raise Our Vibration? (Lisa Long, Ep. 196)

Jan. 10, 2023

Does Practicing Gratitude Help Us Raise Our Vibration? (Lisa Long, Ep. 196) Lisa Long and I chat about how gratitude helps to raise our vibration, along with a variety of topics including messages from the Angels, playing vi…

How Does Gratitude Help Us Communicate with Animals? (Pam Allen-LeBlanc, Ep. 195)

Dec. 20, 2022

How Does Gratitude Help Us Communicate with Animals? (Pam Allen-LeBlanc, Ep. 195) Do you feel like your animals are communicating with you? Pam Allen-LeBlanc is a master in Animal Communication and Animal Reiki. We talk abou…

Why is Gratitude An Important Part of Our Recovery? (Christine Knight, Ep. 194)

Dec. 13, 2022

Christine Knight is a certified clinical hypnotherapist dedicated to helping people reconnect back to the disconnected parts of themselves to bring healing, peace, and abundance into their lives. Christine has taken the "sce…

What If You Shared Your Gratitude Publicly for a Year? (Teri Kerr, Ep. 193)

Dec. 1, 2022

Teri Kerr is an executive coach and empowerment strategist with the Unstuck Duck Coaching. She works with women who want to play bigger roles in their careers, so that they can be the change they want to see in the world. We…