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Jan. 13, 2021

Sierra Mckie: How to Create a Show using Your Authentic Story

What’s your story?  Everyone has a unique story and journey and believe it or not, being able to tell your authentic story is really the key to making what you’re doing a success. That’s why, E had to bring Sierra Mckie, the creator of the  Youtube series, MyCrynicles, on the show to discuss how she was able to do that so effortlessly with her series.

In this interview Sierra talks about:

💫 How she got started creating her YouTube show (1:33)

💫 How she keeps her writing authentic (7:10)

💫 How to make your content stand out on social media (12:02)

💫 Independence vs signing a deal (21:05)

💫 How being yourself is the key to everything (23:25)

You can find out more about Sierra:

IG/TW: @babyfaceMckie


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IG/Twitter: @MyCrynicles

Facebook: @Crynicles

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