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The show is amazing!

I love the topics and the diverse group of guests that E brings on the show! She always provides a mature and wise perspective to the discussions, it’s refreshing to listen to!

So informative

This is such a great podcast and I’m inspired to go after my dreams. Keep going.

Such a GREAT episode!!!

So many gems were dropped on this episode! I loved how organic the conversation/ interview was! So many things were put into perspective for me personally listening to this interview! I’m so thankful!

Really inspirational

I was just browsing and stumbled across this channel and I was happy that I did! It feels great to listen to someone that’s like me and get inspired. She’s really dropping some jewels that people who really want to win can follow.

Perfect Pod for Creatives

I’ve known E in the digital space for a few years now and have always admired from afar. I’m glad she’s decided to get back in the podcast game, especially with “Vision Matters”. Hearing other creatives share their stories of trials and triumph is nothing short of inspiring.