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Jan. 27, 2021

Andrea Butler: How to Launch a Magazine

Have you ever had that voice that keeps whispering for you to do something? No matter what you do, it keeps telling you what you should be concentrating on. Well that’s exactly what happened when Andrea founded her magazine, Sesi, the only printed magazine for African American teen girls.

In this episode, E interviews Adnrea Butler, founder and editor of the magazine, Sesi.  On this episode we discuss:

💫 How she first started and launched Sesi (8:00)

💫 How she balanced a fulltime job and the magazine (10:16)

💫 The popularity of print magazines (15:00)

💫 Ways she promotes the magazine: (18:10)

💫 How she found her audience and niche 20:40

💫 Tips on how writers can successfully pitch magazines (22:25)

💫 Tips on how writers can monetize (25:05)

💫 Advice about having your own magazine (26:40)

You can find out more about Sesi and Andrea at:


IG: @SesiMag



IG: @andrea.fulani

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