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Sept. 11, 2021

Dragon Quest XI S (Part 20) (S3 E20)

We are all over the place in this episode, and we even take the time to spill some water on myself. I loved making this episode, …

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Sept. 4, 2021

Divinity's End - Minecraft E2 (S5 E2)

A dangerous world is what we have before us, and deaths are coming quickly. We move forwards through the world and find our way t…

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Aug. 28, 2021

Morrowind (Part 11) (S4 E11)

I didn't get lost. He fell on my sword. I didn't get lost. In this fantastic episode of Morrowind, we take a journey to the north…

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Aug. 21, 2021

Baldur's Gate Reloaded Part 2 (S6 E2)

I learned a lot about the world of Baldur's Gate, especially in how hard the world is on your new character. We fight a whole lot…

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Aug. 14, 2021

Dragon Quest XI S (Part 19) (S3 E19)

Something wicked this way comes, and we embrace it with a ferver! We journey to Gondolia, learn that we cannot speak in any Spani…

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Aug. 7, 2021

Neverwinter Nights: Lords of Terror (Part 19) (S1 E19)

Do we always forget what we were doing when we start these? We get lost in the catacombs, deal with some Flesh Clan monsters, and…

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July 31, 2021

Divinity's End - Minecraft E1 (S5 E1)

Due to an intensely game-breaking bug I came across in my own Pokecube Modpack, I decided to keep the Minecraft train rolling wit…

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July 24, 2021

Morrowind (Part 10) (S4 E10)

You ever step into a world where you have nearly no idea what is going on? This was my experience with this episode. There is als…

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July 17, 2021

Baldur's Gate Reloaded Pilot (S6 E1)

Sometimes, you come across something you just really want to actually work on, and somehow the epic and legendary game Baldur's G…

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July 10, 2021

Dragon Quest XI S (Part 18) (S3 E18)

This was a whirlwind of an episode that I just loved making. Sylvando is a dream to behold.. and I love it. Enjoy my Sylvando vo…

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July 3, 2021

Neverwinter Nights: Lords of Terror (Part 18) (S1 E18)

Sometimes, the best stories are told while shopping.. Other times we just learn there is no strength ring. This is one of those…

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June 26, 2021

Pokecube: Master Quest Part 2 (S5 E2)

Much like the previous episode, this season is about showing off my own 1.12.2 modpack in preparation for its inevitable recreati…

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June 19, 2021

Morrowind (Part 9) (S4 E9)

Now this is a strange episode.. one where I was honestly kinda sick when I recorded it and thus things came out weird. On the bri…

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June 12, 2021

Dragon Quest XI S (Part 17) (S3 E17)

A healthy welcome back to what has become an old friend of mine.. Dragon Quest XI. We spend most of this episode grinding, and so…

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June 5, 2021

Neverwinter Nights: Lords of Terror (Part 17) (S1 E17)

What's a few months in a game that wouldn't let me play it gonna do to me? Apparently, I'll fight more bugs! I instantly fall bac…

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May 29, 2021

Pokecube: Master Quest Part 1 (S5 E1)

In a fit of not having the mental power or ability to record over the last few weeks due to health issues, I spent some time in a…

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May 8, 2021

Dragon Quest XI S (Part 16) (S3, E16)

Now its time to grind! We also take advantage of Zoom, get Serena Killed, and learn about how the auto battle functions work! Spl…

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May 5, 2021

Dragon Quest XI S (Part 15) (S3, E15)

What a strange prince... ITS HORSE RACING TIME! We do all the available horse races and even win a few.. or all of them! --- Su…

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May 1, 2021

How to Play - Animon Story

The long awaiting Digimon.. I mean Animon Story makes its way into my hands! It's gonna be an absolutely awesome time! Link to th…

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April 28, 2021

A Shared Journey Into The Dungeons Of Doom - Brogue

I told Anchor to add music to this.. but I didn't hear it when I previewed it so who knows what the hell is going on there! Enjoy…

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April 24, 2021

How to Play - Battle Century G

HAVE YOU EVER WANTED TO PLAY A MECHA GAME? LEARN HERE NOW! Seriously though, check out Battle Century G, my personal favorite Me…

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April 17, 2021

Dragon Quest XI S (Part 14) (S3, E14)

We just saved the twins again, and now its time for a trip to the past! Join me as we take a look into the world of Tickington an…

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April 14, 2021

Dragon Quest XI S (Part 13) (S3, E13)

The world takes a turn into 2D! We went back in time a bit, and have to save Serena again! Join us in fighting the easiest boss i…

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April 10, 2021

Morrowind (Part 8) (S4 E8)

This is a super rambling sort of episode as I decide to dig my way into the fighters guild for a bit, and finally make a bit of m…

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